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How To Find The Best Decals In The Market: Sticker Brand Decals

Updated on April 11, 2013
Dragon Decal For Baby
Dragon Decal For Baby | Source

If you are like me, you want to decorate your home, office or working space without spending a fortune. I have found a great way to do this for those of us who enjoy being unique. I needed something special and different for my baby’s room. I did not want the room to be the typical baby’s room. I know most people will put up the cutesy little items on the wall that are all soft and cuddly to look at. This was not the direction my wife and I sought. We decided that since our wild little boy was born in the year of the dragon, we would find a way to highlight his dragon nature.

We scoured the internet looking for ideas, and finally we found “Sticker Brand Decals Company.” They have a large selection of well drawn, artistic designs and had a variety of beautiful dragons. I am always hesitant when buying on the net because it is such a hassle to return items you find unacceptable. I need not have worried. The quality of the art is fantastic and the instructions are easy to follow. I took my time and was able to put up a 5 foot long dragon decal in about 15 minutes. It was pretty easy and fun. The decal was not the cheapest I found, but it is very good quality and well worth the $40 we spent. We now have two dragons in the baby’s room, one in the crib, the other on the wall.

My wife took this picture you see beside this article, and you can see for yourself that my wild dragon has a baby’s room unique from all others. For those of you that prefer the cutesy type decals, Sticker Brand has them too. Regardless of your taste, you will find decals to fit your budget and your imagination.

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