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Kids' Summer Crafts

Updated on July 10, 2014

As the dog days of summer near, children start to get antsy and moms start to pull out their hair. Finding activities to keep the young ones busy gets harder. Crafts provide a creative outlet to keep little hands and minds active without sending mom and dad to the poor house.


Sun Catchers

Bright sunlight abounds. Make use of it with sun catchers! Many kits are made of clear plastic and include transparent paints. Simply paint by number, let dry, and hang your treasure in the window. Another option uses tissue paper glued to an outline made with either dark colored paper, pipe cleaners, or Popsicle sticks to create beautiful patterns such as butterflies, hearts, and Easter eggs.


Sun Sensitive Paper

One of the perks of the summer season is the beautiful weather. Why not take your child on an adventure? Collect items like flowers, leaves, and odd objects like buttons. Place these items on special sun sensitive paper to make your own works of art. Delicate silhouettes appear on the special paper after only a few minutes in the sun and will spend years on the wall or in a scrap book.



Children love animals. Why not help homeless little birds and encourage a child's creativity by building a birdhouse? If you don't want to build a birdhouse from scratch, pre-made houses are available online and in craft stores. All you and your child have to do is add the homey touches to make the future bird resident comfortable: maybe a layer of paint, some flowers, or some sparkles. You can even create a theme such as a log cabin, a flower, hearts, or a favorite sports team. The bird houses have the added bonus of allowing a child watch the miracle of life as birds nest and eggs hatch.


Picture Frames & Photo Albums

Kids' picture frames no longer have to be made of Popsicle sticks (although Popsicle sticks are still acceptable). Nowadays, kids enjoy colorful foam cutouts and stickers to encase their summer memories. Kids that have enough patience also enjoy the freedom that scrapbooking provides. Why use just one picture when you can fill page after page with endless childhood memories? Include objects like buttons, feathers, ribbons, flowers, or even sand from the beach to remember summer vacations forever.


Creative clothing

Today's craft projects have moved beyond puff-paint shirts and hand-tooled leather wallets. Children can personalize anything from sunglasses to flip-flops to fit their style. You can use anything from markers, paint, sequins, gem stones, ribbons, and glitter to snazz-up ordinary items and make them complete.


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