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61 Outstanding Sun Catcher Craft Ideas

Updated on May 24, 2017
lbrummer profile image

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and kid-friendly craft tutorials.

When I started my search for sun catcher crafts, which included instructions, I never dreamed that I’d find so many. There are sun catchers made with tissue paper and some made using construction paper that is brushed with oil to give it a see through look. There are also projects that use melted beads, pony beads or crayons. Crystal beads, and crystal encrusted shapes made using Epsom salts, are other suncatcher activities. There is even a craft project for making an ice suncatcher for winter enjoyment.

For the tutorial to make the mandala style sun catcher shown above, go to twig & toadstool.

1. Apple Suncatchers

This is a very cute project to do with little kids. The faceted beads and chenille stems are easy for them to work with. An adult should do the melting part of this project. Find all the instructions for making these delicious looking apples at Fireflies + Mud Pies. A very attractive suncatcher.

2. Glass Gem Sun Catcher

Whether you use clear or colored glass gems, your sun catcher will be beautiful. You'll find the tutorial for this sun catcher craft at kids activities Blog.

3. Coffee Filter Hearts

Choose liquid watercolors, regular watercolors or even food dye to color your coffee filters. This is a great craft to experiment with colors and application choices. The directions for making these coffee filter hearts is found at Fun at Home with Kids.

4. Paint and Bottle Cap

I like how this craft starts with placing dots of craft paints on the wax paper, and then using a bottle lid to swirl the paints around. You don't want to just smear them all together or the paper will start looking muddy. Check out the tutorial and pictures at Happy Hooligans, and then have lots of fun.

5. Hot Air Balloon Suncatchers

The lead lines on these hot air balloons are made using black puffy paint. The balloons are burnt out light bulbs and regular craft paint is used to color between the black lines. Go to SUSY’S Artsy-Craftsy SITCOM for all the information you'll need to make these cute hot air balloons.

6. Dry Tempera Art

Make a template of an apple, or apples, on card stock and the rest of the project is all fun. See how easy, and how much fun this art project is by going to TWODALOO for the instructions.

7. Jeweled Hearts

The "sort of clear" milk bottles are the type of plastic used to make these jeweled hearts. The jewels are put on using glue sticks. I would suggest using glue dots to adhere the jewels. All the directions for making these sun catchers is found at KIDS CRAFT ROOM .

8. Nature Paper Plate Sun Catcher

Another great kid's craft using paper plates. The center is cut from the plate and clear contact paper is attached to the plate. Then the fun begins with adding nature treasures. The instructions are on the Coffee Cups and CRAYONS site.

9. Crystal Mobile Suncatcher

This is definitely a suncatcher project for teens or adults, because the wires need to balance for the mobile. You'll find a great tutorial for making this crystal mobile suncatcher at JEWELRYMAKING-BEADS-LIBRARY.COM.

10. Beaded Heart Sun Catcher

This would be a beautiful gift idea for a Mother's Day gift or a favorite teacher appreciation gift. Jewelry wire and beads are easy enough to use that this is also a quick craft. You'll find the directions for making this beaded heart sun catcher at Unfortunately Oh!

11. Beaded Sun Catcher

Clear plastic squares are made, colored and added with purchased beads to make this outstanding beaded sun catcher. CraftPaperScissors is where you'll find the tutorial for making this project.

12. Lace and Ribbon Hearts

Lace and ribbon pieces placed on transparent contact paper makes this a super easy sun catcher to make. This is a great way to use the little pieces of lace and ribbon that you have leftover from other projects. Go to the artful parent site for all the information you'll need to make these hearts.

13. Lady Bugs and Leaves

It'll be great fun making lady bugs and leaves to make this unique sun catcher. The bright colors make this a project that everyone will love. Directions are found at HERE COMES THE girls .

14. Tree of Life Sun Catcher

I love this tree of life sun catcher project. The wires make a beautiful tree trunk and branches for the beaded leaves. When you go to the CLEARLY HELENA site you'll find the tutorial for making this suncatcher.

15. Glo-in-the-Dark Suncatcher

16. Cosmic Suncatcher

This suncatcher uses the white lids from yogurt containers, and the like. Glue and food dye or watercolor paints give the suncatcher color, but you'll have to check the instructions at BABBLE DABBLE DO to see how to give it the cosmic touch.

17. Drinking Straw Suncatcher

Here is another super easy and super fun project for the kids. They'll even enjoy cutting the drinking straws into little pieces. Having Fun at Home gives the instructions for this suncatcher project.

18. Raindrops Sun Catcher

This is a nice school project to include with learning about weather. Or have the kids make the raindrops and make a beautiful bulletin board display. Go to THE gold JELLYBEAN for the directions for making the raindrop sun catcher.

19. Sparkling CD Suncatchers

It seems like everyone has old CD's that they keep, but really don;t know why. Now you can collect those old CDs from your family and friends and make beautiful suncatchers. The easy to follow instructions are found at PUREWANDER .

20. Bug Suncatchers

Cute. Cute. Cute. What else can you say about these little bugs? Perfect for making a suncatcher for all to enjoy. For the tutorial, go to the happilyevermom site.

21. Sugar Skull Suncatchers

On the BLOSEMkids where I found this suncatcher project, they call these Halloween suncatchers. The skulls look to me like the ones that Cinco de Mayo celebrants make. Very cool!

22. Butterfly Tissue Paper SunCatcher

Included with the tutorial at MINIECO.CO.UK is a template, to download, which makes this an easy to follow project. All you need is black construction paper, or you could choose any other color, and beautiful tissue paper.

23. Nature Wind Chimes

Find a great tutorial at HANDS ON as we grow.

24. Construction Paper and Oil Suncatchers

Who would have believed that paper becomes translucent just by adding oil. This is a great, and super easy way to make suncatchers. Find the instructions for making the sun catchers at meaningful mama.

25. Coffee Filter Autumn Leaves Suncatcher

What a beautiful way to celebrate the Fall season. These coffee filter leaves make perfect, and colorful, suncatchers. Go to Fun at Home with Kids for the instructions.

26. Sea Glass Circle

I have some sea glass pieces that I was hoping to find a craft that would do them justice. This circle using sea glass makes an attractive sun catcher. The tutorial for making this project is found at MARVELOUSLY MESSY. Mixing the colored sea glass pieces would be appropriate also.

27. Turkey Sun Catchers

This Thanksgiving project is made easy with a printable turkey pattern included with the tutorial. The tutorial is found at CAN’T google EVERYTHING.

28. Watermelon Slice Suncatcher

It's amazing what you can make with plastic beads. This watermelon slice, turned sun catcher, is a perfect example of just one project. You'll find all the instructions for making this watermelon themed suncatcher at TWODALOO.

29. Recycled CD Sun Catcher

30. Crayon Shavings

This project uses crayon shavings, so an adult will have to do that part. But, once the shavings are made, the kids will love placing them in patterns. Using an iron to melt the shavings between wax paper is also an adult activity. The instructions for this craft are found at Buggy and Buddy .

31. Stained Glass Fairy Suncatcher

A stencil was used to draw the picture of the fairy, but a coloring page picture would work as well. Just Google "fairy coloring pages" and then choose image, to find oodles of drawings. Go to Naturally Educational for the stained glass fairy suncatcher instructions.

32. Melted Crayon Sun Catcher

I liked the suggestions for making crayon shavings on this site. The choices were to use a pencil sharpener, cut with a knife, or my favorite....put the crayon in a plastic bag and hit it with a hammer. These suggestions and the instructions for making a melted crayon sun catcher can be found at A girl AND A GLUE GUN .

33. Rainbow Sun Catcher.

Easy, easy and super easy, would describe how hard this rainbow project is. Using plastic beads and chenille strips makes this perfect for the little kids. Go to Fireflies + MudPies to see how the rainbow was made.

34. Glitter Glue Snowflakes

Be sure to read through the directions at HAPPINESS IS Homemade before you start this project. You'll want to be sure to have parchment paper handy, as well as the snowflake cutouts and glitter glue.

35. Winter Ice SunCatcher

Imagine this suncatcher outside your window this winter. A little added color to the winter landscape is always welcome. To find out how to make an ice suncatcher, go to Perkins eLearning for the tutorial.

36. Patriotic Sun Catcher

A nice star cookie cutter or stencil will be a great help when making this patriotic sun catcher. Crayons and wax paper are needed to make the stars. Find all the instructions for this craft at The Suburban Mom.

37. Salt Dough Stars Sun Catcher

I'm super impressed with this salt dough sun catcher project. Two sizes of cookie cutters help make this an easy project to make. You'll want to get the instructions and recipe for salt dough at HOME GROWN FRIENDS.

38. Faux Stained Glass Butterfly Suncatchers

39. Beads and Wired Sun Catcher

The little bit of wire, added to this melted bead heart, really added to the beauty of this sun catcher. When you go to one Crafty Mama for the tutorial, you'll find that this project is easy to do, and the results are outstanding.

40. Painted Butterfly Sun Catcher

You can use purchased sun catcher paints for painting this butterfly, or consider making your own paints. At the bottom of this HubPages article, notice the project for making your own sun catcher paint. The instructions and butterfly patterns for this project are found at Kids & Glitter.

41. Leaf Sun Catcher

Either display these beautiful leaf sun catchers by adding a string to hang them from the ceiling or window frame, or use a suction cup or tape to adhere them directly to the window. The directions for making the leaf sun catcher shown above is found at Let Kids Be Kids.

42. CardBoard Heart Frame

The frame for this heart is made by peeling apart a piece of cardboard box. I love the ridged look of the frame. The tutorial for making this heart suncatcher is found at Inspiring How.

43. Pumpkin Suncatchers

These pumpkins are made on transparency film and painted with food dye colored clear glue. You can find pumpkin pictures on Google, coloring pages or clip art, when you click on the images. The instructions for making this pumpkin sun catcher is found at firstpalette.

44. CD Cube Suncatchers

Squares of scrap wood which you might have on hand, or the lumber store will have scraps to cut for you. You'll find all the instructions for this CD cube suncatcher at

45. Window Star

This is an origami project with the folded tissue paper star points. This is so beautiful and would be a great party decoration, any event. To see how to make this window star, go to moey’s heart & hearth.

46. Pony Bead Sun Catcher Ornaments

Cookie cutters and pony beads team up to make these sun catcher ornaments. Directions for making the ornaments is found at Play At Home Mom LLC.

47. Clear Cup Sun Catcher/ Windchimes

Clear plastic disposable drinking cups, melted in muffin tins, is how the flat discs on this sun catcher are made. The different colors are achieved by the color of the drinking cup. And the discs dry so hard that they sound like glass when clicked together which makes them perfect for windchimes. Find all the instructions for this project at

48. Hearts With Black Glue

The outlines of this heart are made using glue that black paint was added to. Then colored paint was added to glue to fill in the spaces when the outline was dry. An easy project for entertaining the kids. Find the instructions for this craft at mess for less.

49. Faux Stained Glass Framed Mosaics

This framed mosaic is a great project for older kids, teens or adults. The faux stained glass mosaic is a piece that you'll want to display. The instructions are easy to understand and follow. Find the tutorial at Holly’s Arts and Crafts Corner .

50. Suncatcher Windchime

You'll melt pony beads, that have been placed in a muffin tin, in a 400 degree oven. Choose any color, solid, iridescent or glow-in-the dark pony beads. The tutorial to make this suncatcher wind chime is found at A.C.MOORE.

51. Crystal Bead Sun Catcher

I love the look of crystal beads reflecting colors in sunlight, so this project is especially interesting to me. Go to hometalk to see how to string the beads to make this sun catcher. The huge crystal, in the center of this sun catcher, should really catch the prism colors.

52. CD Suncatcher

53. Window Art

When you go to Play At Home Mom LLC for the instructions for this window art, you'll find different methods for making the framed sun catchers.

54. Faux Stained Glass Peacock

When you go to SUZY”S Artsy-Craftsy SITCOM for the tutorial to make this faux stained glass peacock, you'll also find a site address for where you can find oodles of free stained glass patterns.

55. Make Your Own Suncatcher Paint

You'll want to go to My Sweet Sanity for the recipe on how to make your own sun catcher paint. This is especially useful if you are doing art projects with a bunch of kids, like in the classroom or when doing a camp activity.

56. Tissue Paper Stained Glass

You'll find out how to prepare tissue paper for stained glass projects when you go to the artful parent site. Use cookie cutters, stencils, or hand draw shapes for making sun catchers with the paper made.

57. Mom Mosaic Sun Catcher

Glass mosaic pieces arranged in the word "MOM" makes this a great gift idea for Mother's day. Other arrangements of glass pieces makes the sun catcher suitable for other uses. The tutorial for making this project is found at The Art Annex.

58. Transparency Sheet Tiffany Glass

Use transparency sheets, glue and paints, to make this beautiful Tiffany glass sun catcher. The instructions given at Harmony Fine Arts At Home are easy to understand and thorough.

59. Crystals on Chenille Sun Catchers

This is an over nite project because it take awhile for the crystals to form on the chenille strip. This project uses chenille strips and borax to form the crystals. Find all the instructions at Holly’s Arts and Crafts Corner.

60. Piet Inspired Window

Make a Piet Mondrian inspired door or window by using black tape and tissue paper to achieve the look. Go to inner child fun to get all the information you'll need to make this sun catcher window.

61. Spring Flowers

Flower pedals, real or silk, makes this sun catcher a Spring masterpiece. Go to Enchanted Pixie for the instructions for making this suncatcher.

© 2015 Loraine Brummer

Did you find a sun catcher idea that you want to try? or leave a comment.

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    • Carol Morris profile image

      Carol Morris 20 months ago

      Lovely ideas. I'm so happy I found them right in time for the summer.

    • lbrummer profile image

      Loraine Brummer 2 years ago from Hartington, Nebraska

      I agree, RTalloni, that the Piet Mondrian look of that project is very attractive and would look great in a frame. It amazes my that crafters have come up with so many different methods for making sun catchers. There are really a lot of talented folks that are nice enough to share their crafts with us.

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 2 years ago from the short journey

      A thorough round up of sun catcher ideas! I think the idea of using the next to last as you mentioned, in a frame, would be my favorite project.

    • lbrummer profile image

      Loraine Brummer 2 years ago from Hartington, Nebraska

      Thanks for the nice comment purl3agon y. I like the ladybugs project too, and I'm considering making the sun catcher/ wind chimes made using the clear, colored plastic drinking cups. There are so many ways to make these unique, using different colored beads, etc. A gift idea that would be fun to make too.

    • purl3agony profile image

      Donna Herron 2 years ago from USA

      Wow, there are some wonderful sun catcher craft ideas here. I particularly like the ladybugs and leaves tissue paper project. Thanks for pulling all these ideas together in one place. Pinned for when I need some great summer projects. Thanks!