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51 Super Easy Christmas Crafts

Updated on November 2, 2016
lbrummer profile image

Loraine loves arts and crafts and used to volunteer at an elementary art class. She loves sharing fun and kid-friendly craft tutorials.

Did you know that you could make great Christmas ornaments, décor and gifts without spending a lot of time making them? For this article, I searched for Christmas crafts that would take 30 minutes or less to make. These projects all use common or easy to find supplies and are also comparably inexpensive to buy.

To change Dollar Store village houses into a beautiful snowy Christmas village, go to Confessions of a Plate Addict for the tutorial. So easy and so impressive!

1. Pipe Cleaner Trees

The tutorial at Play Trains, for making these pipe cleaner trees, also show trees using other than green colored pipe cleaners. The white trees are especially beautiful and would be a great addition to Christmas villages.

2. Sock Snowmen

This is a great Christmas project that, if you don't throw out orphan socks during the year, you can use the patterned socks making these snowmen. You'll find the tutorial for this project at ciao mama.

3. 3-D Stars

I've made a number of the 3-D stars using the pattern and directions found at VIVIDIDEAS and they all turn out perfectly. I've used old Christmas cards and old calendar pictures to make the stars. A July calendar page made some beautiful patriotic stars, which I fun-tacked to my office wall.

4. Santa Containers

Imagine all the ways you could use these Santa containers, which are made using empty ice cream boxes. These would be perfect containers for giving homemade cookies or candies as gifts. Also cute included in an table centerpiece. Find the directions, read the paragraph above the picture, at Praktic ideas.

5. Silver Leaf Acorns

Liquid silver leaf makes it simple to have gorgeous acorns to use in your holiday decor. You'll find the tutorial for preparing the acorns, if you harvest your own, and painting the acorns at lovely etc.

6. Mason Jar Snowman Luminary

This is such an easy craft and takes very inexpensive supplies, so it is a great project to make for a party decoration, especially if you need to make a number of them. You'll find the instructions for making this snowman luminary at CLUB CHICA CIRCLE .

7. Doily Angel Garland

Making these doily angels is super easy, and super cute. Attach them to a ribbon to make a garland, or hang them individually as tree ornaments. You'll find the tutorial for making the doily angels at the ARTMIND site.

8. Sharpie Wine Glasses

By following the tutorial at FABTASTIC LIFE you'll be able to make beautiful custom decorated wine glasses for your own holiday table, or to give as gifts. Using gold and/or silver Sharpies makes this a quick and elegant project.

9. Burlap Bird Ornaments

I love these little burlap bird ornaments. Either draw a bird shape, or if you aren't comfortable with that, type "bird silhouette clip art" into the Google search bar and then hit images. There you'll find a bird shape to copy and use as a pattern. Then go to Posed Perfection and follow the step by step pictured tutorial. So easy!!

10. Whimsical Bottle Toppers

When you visit the fresh picked whimsy site, you'll find the free printables for these holiday bottle toppers. A super website you'll want to remember.

11. Gingerbread House Village

I've often thought I'd like to make a gingerbread village, but I really didn't want to spend that much time on something that couldn't be saved to used again.
So, this gingerbread house project, with a tutorial at CRAFTS BY Amanda was one I'm really interested in.

12. Easy Foil Ornies or Garland

If you like to include the kids in making Christmas ornaments and decorations, you'll love this project. The instructions are found at Speech Room Style.

13. TP Roll Reindeer

With so many pretty scrap book papers to choose from, you'll want to make lots of these tp roll reindeer. And if you don't want to buy scrap book paper, design your own prints on paper with paints or colored markers. Or use calendar pages. Your options are endless. Find the instructions for making tp roll reindeer at Izzy Anderson.

14. Stained Glass Nativity

The directions for this stained glass project are found at Housing a Forest. Find a simple Nativity silhouette pattern by entering "nativity silhouette clip art" in a Google search. Then you can copy and paste the image and use it for your pattern.

15. Cinnamon Stick Trees

Not only are these little cinnamon stick trees cute as can be, they smell Christmas. Add a pin to the back to make them Christmas pins, or add a ribbon loop to use them as ornaments. How about gluing them to a skewer, or wire, and add them to a centerpiece. Find the tutorial for making these attractive trees at Crafts Unleashed.

16. Scented Sandpaper Gingerbread Ornaments

The simple instructions are found at Happy Hooligans. Make lasting memories while crafting as a family.

17. How to Paint a Holiday Plate

18. Vintage Snowman Garland

You'll have to click on the "more" word when you visit the Better Homes & Gardens page for the snowman garland tutorial. Then you'll get the rest of the instructions for this craft.

19. Snowy Mason Jar

It's amazing how easy it is to make beautiful Christmas decorations using simple supplies like glass jars and Epsom salts. Make a grouping of these with a bit of greenery for a beautiful centerpiece. The directions for making the snowy mason jar candle holder are found at DecoArt blog.

20. Craft Stick Snowman Ornies

Use the fat craft sticks, or tongue depressors, to make great snowman ornaments. Decorating them with paint, buttons and ribbon is a load of fun for everyone. Find the instructions for making the snowman ornies at how to Have it All.

21. Button Christmas Tree Art

You might even want to frame this Christmas tree art in a glassed frame to keep forever. Be sure to write the name of the artist and the year on the back of the art so you'll remember the age of the artist. Such an easy craft, but with so many possible ways to make the tree unique. Go to Let their light shine! for simple instructions.

22. Egg Carton Angel

This little angel project proves that very cute ornaments can be made using simple recyclable items, such as the egg carton. What a transformation when you add a bit of paint, a cute little bead face and feather wings. See how this egg carton cup angel is made by going to the meaningful mama site for the instructions.

23. Cardboard Christmas Trees

Be sure you visit the TRENDHUNTER site so you can see how beautiful these cardboard Christmas trees are lighted up. This is an outstanding, easy and inexpensive, craft. Imagine these trees on your Christmas mantel or a shelf. Since they can be made any size you wish, the places to display them are only limited by your imagination.

24. Glowing Snowmen

Have these glowing snowmen greet your holiday guest when they arrive at your front door. They are cute snowmen when unlit or lit, so they are cute during the daylight hours also. Find the tutorial for making these milk jug snowmen at Stuff by Ash.

25. Cupcake Liner Xmas Trees

If you need to decorate for a large gathering, consider making these cupcake liner Christmas trees. They can be made different sizes, depending on the cupcake liner size (there are some very tiny cupcake liners.) Go to one perfect day to find the instructions for this project.

26. Sparkly 3-D Stars

Although I think this silver star ornament is very pretty, I think I'd make mine white and add white glitter. Whatever color you decide, the 3-D stars are beautiful and will only add elegance to your decor. Find the tutorial for making the stars at Raising the Cameron Clan.

27. Township Candle Jar

Notice that directly under the picture at SHABBY ART BOUTIQUE there is a template and instruction sheet to make this candle jar. Click on the link.

28. Easy Ski Ornaments

29. Glitter Pen Stars

Popsicle sticks, paint and colored glitter glue sticks are all supplies that are available at any craft or Dollar store. Glitter glue takes a while to dry, so be prepared to find a safe place for them while they dry. Powerful Mothering is the site you'll visit for the instructions for this craft.

30. Cinnamon Stick Candle

Of course these cinnamon stick candles aren't for Christmas only, but they are perfect for Christmas. The scent of cinnamon always reminds me of the winter holidays. Go to the becoming the Mrs. site to find the tutorial for making the cinnamon stick candle.

31. Easy Gingerbread Man Ornaments

White puff paint, that is used to decorate the felt gingerbread man ornaments, makes this a super easy Christmas craft project. You'll find all the directions for making these ornaments at CREATED BY JESS.

32. Tea Light Snowmen

If you need some cute party favors, to give to guests during the holidays, consider making these tea light snowmen. You can find the instructions for this project at CELEBRATION IDEAS ONLINE!

33. Nativity Ornament

Not only is this a craft that kids can make, this is also a great idea for a craft for seniors. Making a Nativity ornament reminds us why we celebrate Christmas. The pictured tutorial for making the Nativity ornament is found at Am I Shouting Yet?

34. Simple Christmas Stocking

Because I wanted to only include projects that would take 30 minutes or less, I've chosen this Christmas stocking. Be sure to read through the directions at U CREATE a couple of times before starting this stocking. Then you'll see why it will only take a half hour to make.

35. Creamer Bottle Santa

You'll find patterns for making the felt Santa suit, as well as a tutorial, at Santa Craft From Creamer Bottle.

36. Tied Fleece Pillow

Polar fleece is a great fabric to use to make quick and easy pillows. Just cut slits along the edges of the fleece and then tie. With so many seasonal fleece prints, you can give everyone on your list a pillow for Christmas. See how easy this pillow is to make by going to the JUST BUILD STUFF for the directions.

37. Christmas Angel

I think that this beautiful Christmas angel could be made into a tree top angel by just cutting the bottom out of the dish soap bottle. Can you imagine how proud you and your kids will be when you tell folks that you made the angel. Go to Preschool Toolkit for the instructions for making this Christmas angel.

38. Shabby Tree Picks

I don't think you'll find an easier Christmas tree pick craft than this one. And they do dress up the holiday greenery beautifully. Find the instructions for making these tree picks at Confessions of a Plate Addic.

39. Sparkly Reindeer Silhouette on Canvas

Here is another quick holiday art project that you'll need to go to Google for a reindeer pattern [ for deer pattern go to Google: "deer silhouette clip art" (click on images)] You'll find a nice assortment of silhouettes to choose from. The go to the MIXED METHOD site for the tutorial.

40. Wired Ribbon Icicle Ornaments

Aren't these pretty icicle ornaments? So easy to make using wired ribbon. The tutorial for this icicle craft project is found at funEZcrafts.

41. Snow Globe

Go to a dollar store or a craft store to find all sorts of small Christmas figurines to use to make snow globes. This little Olaf snowman is certainly a cutie. To make an easy snow globe, go to the mollymoo site for the tutorial.

42. Faux Snowball Ornaments

I think this would be a perfect time to re-do old Christmas balls that you no longer want to display. If the balls are colored, give them a couple of coats of white paint before adding the snow medium and glitter. You'll find the tutorial for the faux snowballs at The Scrap Shoppe.

43. Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments

The only sewing done on these felt tree ornaments are hand sewn, and those stitches are really simple. Check out the instructions at musings and then make a bunch of these little trees for yourself and to give as gifts.

44. No-Sew Wine Bottle Wrap

If you like to give wine as gifts for Christmas, or when going to a party, it always looks nice when the bottle is gift wrapped. And this fabric bottle wrap is so easy to make, with no sewing involved. Check out the instructions at On SUTTON PLACE to see how easy the bottle wrap is to make.

45. Vintage Santas

You'll love using these vintage Santas in your Christmas decorating. Brown paper grocery bags give the Santa's a truly aged look. You'll find the instructions for this project at Kids & Glitter.

46. Super Simple Tea Light Candle Ring

47. Stocking Cap Ornament

Whether you make your little stocking cap ornaments from all one color yarn, or if you combine two or three colors, they all come out looking so cute and perfect. The easy to understand and follow directions are found at Arian’s Studio.

48. Snowman Luminaries

CRAFTS BY Amanda are always super cute, but this one is also super easy. Add the flameless tea light and you have a real winner.

49. Country Christmas Ornaments

I love burlap ornaments, so I'll have to make some of these country styled ones. I'm also going to try making these Christmas ornaments using brown paper bags. Find the directions for making country Christmas ornaments at Trinkets in Bloom.

50. Snowman Wall Hanging

This is a delightful way to use old picture frames, or purchase inexpensive ones at the dollar store. Another great burlap project with a tutorial at how to This & That.

51. Pasta Ornaments

Have you ever notices all the different shapes that pasta comes in? It seems I'm forever seeing new shapes, and they would all make perfect tree ornaments. You'll find a variety of ideas and colors to make pasta ornaments at DIY Enthusiasts.

© 2015 Loraine Brummer

What is your favorite easy Christmas craft? Or leave a comment.

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    • GoldenRod LM profile image

      John R Wilsdon 12 days ago from Superior, Arizona USA

      I love these ideas. Many of them will be great activities with my grandchildren. Thanks so much for the variety. The Christmas tree decorated with buttons will be perfect for my 2 year old grandson. Super hub, and thank you.

    • sparkleyfinger profile image

      Lynsey Harte 11 months ago from Glasgow

      There are some really great ideas on this hub!! I'll be sure to keep it and use it for nest year- already have to much in the to-do list for this Christmas. I also love your mercury glass hub, but could not find a comment caption there, so thought I'd add it in here. x

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 12 months ago from Ontario, Canada

      This is a great resource of things easy to make. I think I will make the felt Christmas trees to give away to the villages here in Cambodia to share a bit of Christmas spirit.

    • Fiona Jean Mckay profile image

      Fiona 2 years ago from South Africa

      Too cute - my brother will do his nut