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Sweet Christmas Candle

Updated on November 17, 2007

Candy Cane Candle

Candy Cane Sticks

You will need the following supplies :

A. A 4 x 4 red, round, single wick candle.

B. A large thick rubberband.

C. A red velvet (or any material you like) ribbon around 12 inches long.

D. A plastic holly flower, a pinecone ,actually this also your choice.

E. A tea light candle (with the metal case).

F. Glue.

G. And stick cane canes about 5-6 inches tall. Around 15 or so of these. You can find them at candy specialty stores and maybe craft stores.

To Assemble :

You put the rubberband around the middle of the candle, (half way down that is ) and then you place each candy cane stick inside of the rubberband till you have gone all the way around the candle.

Leaving the rubberband in place, you then tie your ribbon around the candle to hide the rubberband and use a bit of glue to hold it in could also use glue dots (glue dots are used by scrapbookers).

Then put on you other decorations in the middle of your bow, either with a stick pin or glue.

You place the tea candle in the middle of the candle and light. And enjoy. Simple Simple and so Festive.


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