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Updated on October 12, 2012


Throughout the passage of years, the artists had stopped to follow ordinary means, ideas and commissions as far as their work was concerned. Therefore, they started to find various ways in order to shock and awake the general public. That very wise vanguard of them, placed them in the eternal pedestal of glory.

Below are showed some of the most audacious and bold examples that are highlighted in the most important museums.

A) Luncheon on the Grass

Eduard Manet (impressionism).That painting scandalized the public and the Salon in 19th century. That’s perfectly logical if it is taken under consideration the fact that the painting indicates a lunch between two well-known gentlemen of that time and a naked prostitute who poses full of lust and conspires with the looker!

B) The enigma of William Tell

Salvador Dali(surrealism).The painting of the eccentric painter provoked the anger of Andre Breton, the man who institute the movement of surrealism .Dali exposed that in the Salon of Independents. Not only Breton , but also the marxists surrealists wanted to destroy the painting and ruin the tremendous reputation of Dali because they were deeply offended of that caricature which delineate Lenin as William Tell, with naked buttocks and three legs(the one of the three, can be easily considered as penis)!


Marcel Duchamp (Dadaism).That was a ready-made object which at the beginning, was considered as blackguard and evocable. Later, the general public, influenced by the dithyrambs of the critics, started to taking it for a bright masterpiece. The funny part, is that the answer to all that comfuzio, was given by the artist himself:” I threw them the fountain in the face as a challenge and now they admire it for it’s elegance and beauty!”


Caravaggio(baroque).That painting scandalized not only the public, but also the critics, since the painter captured the Virgin as a mortal ,greasy woman with dirty feet. Rumor has it that the painter chose as a model for the Virgin Mary a drown prostitute. As a culmination, the apostles who surround the dead body, were actually the relatives of the victim!


Caravaggio(baroque).The figure who prevails in that painting is pale and the lips have dark blue color. The details are highlighting the serious damage which syphilis had provoked to the model. Syphilis, was an sexually purported diseases, which was extremely rifely in 19th century. The suprising part is that the model is the artist himself, who suffered from syphilis because of his numerous love partners .The choice of capturing himself as” bacchus”(symbol in greek mythology who stands for orgies and sexual liberation) was a personal concession about his choices. Caravaggio had killed his lover and lived submerged the last years of his life because of that. The tragedy was that he died few days before the trial of judge’s verdict which eventually exculpated him. After all those years of expectance, he finally died by sunstroke while he was waiting the boat of the return.


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