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Updated on December 22, 2011

Vintage Mermaid Reproduction

My Peach Mermaid Diva Creation
My Peach Mermaid Diva Creation

Vintage Mermaid Riding Seahorse

This is a large mermaid wall plaque that I made.  She wears a lot of vintage jewelry as does the seahorse.
This is a large mermaid wall plaque that I made. She wears a lot of vintage jewelry as does the seahorse.

I Am Back

The vintage mermaid is the name of my new website. I have been online for about 2 months. My new website: has kept me very busy. I have had a lot of fun playing with my web, creating a home for my vintage mermaids. You can see more pictures of my vintage mermaid art if you visit my website. I will be adding pictures of my art on my website.

For about 6 years, I stayed busy making and selling mermaids that I crafted from vintage mermaid molds that I own. So, I guess you can consider them vintage in that they originate from actual vintage mermaid molds. But, I do not promote them as authentic vintage. I always put in my descriptions that I created them. It has been awhile since I have brought any of these beautiful creatures to life. The itch is getting to me. I must pick up my paint brush and start again. I find crafting with mermaids very relaxing and rewarding. It will be a short while before you actually see any vintage mermaid wall plaques or vintage mermaid figurines on my web site. Too many holidays on the rise are keeping me busy. But, I do have a store on my website. If you visit me and click on the link to my store, you will find many gifts and items with vintage mermaid art on them. Also, while you are there, if you want to create your own personalized items such as t-shirts, steins, mugs, mouse pads, you name it - you can make it, you can do that as well. You just click on create and it will tell you what to do. Some people like to put personal photos of children and pets on their own items. I have a few that I created like that myself.

Vintage seahorses, vintage fish, and vintage mermaids are mostly what I collect in the vintage department. I think one reason I love them so much is they take me back (no I am not THAT old yet - but getting there too quickly) to happy times in my childhood. If you are older, then you know what I mean. Those days of carefree play and fantasy. Those days when we dream of being all grown up and wish for that day. Then we get there, and we wish we could go back in time. Anyway, I remember visiting and spending summers with my favorite grandmother who owned some of these vintage sea creatures. At that time, they sold for practically nothing. I remember standing in front of her vanity and staring at them in awe. I thought they were so beautiful and I am so sad to say, when she passed away she left me many things including some of her mermaids and seahorses. That was a long time ago. She died too young and I was about 21. I kept them for a long time and finally they were just in my way. Nobody seemed to be interested in them then. So, I sold them at a yard sale. Little did I know how valuable they would become in later years. Often, when I buy mermaids, I think to myself, this one is for you Nana Stella. Wish you could be here to see me not only collect but re-create the vintage mermaids. She would have delighted in what I do.

Well, Thanksgiving is over and it is time for me to get things back to normal around my house. It is good to be back on hub. I have missed it here. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!


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    • profile image

      genie 6 years ago

      Your mermaids are beautiful. The best I have seen. I love the eyelashes! How do you do this kind of art? I am interested in finding out more about you and your art. Thanks for sharing.