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TSE Helps Verus Global Be Their "Best Ever"

Updated on June 2, 2016

It was really a pleasure to work with Verus Global, a company that shares many of the same values we at Trade Show Emporium embrace. The mission of Verus is to basically bring out the untapped potential hidden within a company and really make it shine and be a success. Helping other businesses be their own "Best Ever" is something we here at TSE strive to do as well!

"When you activate the potential in people, partnerships and situations, in every interaction, every day, you accelerate more than performance. You change lives". This mission statement idealized by Verus is aligned with how we want to change the lives of people seeking out professional help to make their company shine and reach an audience that will help them succeed.

Verus Global has many aspects to their formula for success, so their choice in display included our multifaceted 4x3 Xpressions SNAP popup. This green alternative includes recycled fabric graphics, made with 100% sustainable material and is created using the minimal carbon footprint. It allowed them the versatility and convenience of our standard popup display, but the seven fabric panels (configurable to alternate layouts) allows for infinite display potential as shown above.


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