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Take Your Photography to the Next Level

Updated on February 16, 2016
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I enjoy photography and have been doing so professionally and independently for over 30 years. Hope you enjoy my hubs!

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There are basically two main reasons (not the only ones) but the principal ones for which people get into photography. First you get into it because you love to photograph.

The second is to make money from it. However, if you can practice the art more for the love of it than to make money then you are bound to grow each and every time you take a picture.

If you take a picture because you have a passion for it then you are not working but doing something that awakens a passion within you and makes you feel good.

The key is to find what appeals to you and concentrate on that. If you like macro then do so. If you like to capture portraits then do that. Specialize in one main theme and you not only get better at it with time but you feel good when doing it.

You should feel energized and alive when taking pictures of things you love and by doing so you begin to become a specialist in the subject matter. If you feel like you are going to work when you take pictures then you are probably taking pictures of something that does not really inspire you.

Instead concentrate on what inspires you. It can be fashion, nature, portraits, macro or whatever but do it because you want to and feel good when doing so.

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When pursuing a subject and getting ready to begin taking pictures go for the passion and not so much for the technical aspects of it. Yes pay attention to the technique but do not do so to the point that it takes away form the competition.

Shoot what calls to you; a picture that is technically flawless, perfect in every compositional way yet feels like it lacks emotion is probably not a good picture or at least not one that people will be talking about.

In simpler terms do not focus so much on how a scene or subjects look but instead focus on what this scene or subjects tells, feels like, and speaks to you. | Source | Source

Having great gear is great but a pro will take better pictures than any amateur with a cheap disposable camera than the beginner will with the most advanced and expensive camera and lenses.

Focus on techniques that will give feelings to the image and results in a composition that has emotions , tells a message and awakens something in a viewer.

If you like to do nature or fashion photography for example you need to practice doing so well and learn to create compositions that matter before you start to seriously think of doing work that others will have to talk about. Learn to walk before you can run to use a popular colloquial phrase.

It is better to learn one technique, one rule, one compositional style at a time. Trying to do a complicated set up without knowing everything about lighting for example will not yield the desired result most of the time and you can end up becoming frustrated and losing perhaps some of your desire to keep on trying to make great images.

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CC0 Public Domain | Source

Are you taking pictures for the passion, for the money, for fame or a bit of everything?

See results

Browse as many samples of great photography as you can. Learn from emulating the work of others that calls to you.

Look to the works of the professionals and see how they compose, the techniques they use, how they work the light but above all how their images invoke a feeling,sensation or emotions from anyone viewing their images.

It would also be a good idea to join a photography club, networks with others of similar interests, watch instructional videos and ask for help from more experienced photographers.

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CC0 Public Domain | Source

Even if you are just beginning, have confidence that you will be good. It takes practice, time to gain experience, taking plenty of images and yes many will not be good but along the line some will be and then it beckons you to see what it is that makes one image better than the other and learn from it.

Having confidence in yourself is the start of a great career or personal source of gratification.

Take pride in what you do even if the results are not what you expected right away. | Source

© 2016 Luis E Gonzalez


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    • LuisEGonzalez profile image

      Luis E Gonzalez 2 years ago from Miami, Florida

      MarleneB: Thank you. There are photo clubs almost everywhere and by joining you not only get to share and listen to others more advanced but they are always setting up photo trips.

    • MarleneB profile image

      Marlene Bertrand 2 years ago from USA

      Being able to capture a moment in time is what fascinates me about photography. I can't afford big fancy equipment like the pros, so for now my little digital camera will have to be sufficient. Thank you for suggesting joining a photography club. I had no idea such a group existed.