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Take Great Pictures Of Nature On Your Vacation

Updated on February 21, 2015

Best Nature Photos

There is no real rhyme or reason to the simple task of taking great pictures of nature on your vacation. Just keep snapping the button and you are bound to get some of your best nature photos and best landscape photos. With computer technology, it's so easy to keep the great pictures and delete the the others.

Barcelona Lighthouse

Located in Westfield, NY
Located in Westfield, NY | Source

Lake Erie

Birds In Fight Over Lake Erie
Birds In Fight Over Lake Erie | Source

Take Your Best Camera

Some people take their best camera where ever they go and because of that, it is easier to capture photos and pictures of nature or whatever you come across that may not otherwise be captured. When traveling it is important to keep in mind that there are always going to be photo opportunities. There will be things that you have never seen that you may want to take a picture of. There will be chances to take great pictures while sightseeing and there will be chances to take photos at the least expected moments. My suggestion is to always take your camera.

Golden Rays of Sun

Golden Rays of Sun
Golden Rays of Sun | Source

Letchworth State Park


Pictures Of...

People prefer taking pictures of different things. I will take pictures of family members enjoying themselves on vacation which end up to be some of my favorites, but I also take photos of things that help me remember a particular trip such as unique sights in particular locations that I visit. It is a great hobby as these photos can then be saved on the computer or put into specific photo albums and labeled as to the time and location of the trip.

From people to animals to weather to monuments to scenery, there is always something waiting to be photographed. If travel is a favorite activity for you or you and your family, why not spend a few dollars and buy a few scrap books putting one together for each and every trip you take. It's always nice to remember what that trip entailed and where you went and what you visited while you were there.

Blue Heron

Hotel Lenhart, Bemus Point, NY


Sailboats and Seagulls

Things To Photograph

In this hub, you will see photos from the east coast from New York to Florida. The places I've visited are few in comparison to some, but as I continue to travel I will undoubtedly have my camera with me and continue to try to take great pictures and photos along the way.

Some of my favorite types of things to photograph are water, light houses, birds, landscapes, weather related pictures like rainbows and storms and as time goes I find more and more things to take pictures of.

Beautiful Photographs

Above you'll see pictures of Barcelona Lighthouse located on Lake Erie in Westfield, NY. It is a often photographed lighthouse and one of the oldest. Others above include birds in flight and sun rays captured at just the right time making a beautiful photograph.

A blue heron sits by a pond, Letchworth State Park is a fantastic place to get some great pictures as the canyons and scenery are spectacular.

It's not all that often that you pass by a Buffalo farm and see one just sitting in the sun.

Taking Great Pictures of Natures Beauty On Your Vacations

Taking great pictures of natures beauty on your vacations can be something that you not only enjoy but that you plan for. Where are you going and what do you hope to photograph while you're there? Are you going to make a great scrapbook when you get home? Is it your intention to take random pictures or do you want this scrapbook to have a theme? If it's a family vacation, you may want a scrapbook filled with family fun photos. Lots of people photos. If it's a vacation where you're going to see a place you've never visited before and may never visit again then you may want to take a lot of pictures of the place itself and its unique sights.

More Great Photos

Lake Erie Sunset
Lake Erie Sunset
North Carolina
North Carolina
Outer Banks Sand Dunes
Outer Banks Sand Dunes


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    • glassvisage profile image


      6 years ago from Northern California

      These are fantastic! You've certainly got a knack for this. It would be great to include more tips for people like me who don't have a knack :)


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