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Take a Great Picture

Updated on November 28, 2018

Anyone Can Take A Great Picture


Taking A Great Picture

To take a picture that will sell you need to have some skills or a good camera that does it for you, even then you need to know how to focus and frame your subject.

Taking quality pictures does not happen by accident, you need to know how to take them, know how your camera works, and have good equipment and top quality lenses.

Quality Equipment

Get yourself a good Digital SLR camera because the stock sites you will be putting your pictures on for sale will have image and size limits, and your point and shoot camera will not make the cut no matter how good it is.

Don't go all out on a cameras because you still need some good lenses and your money is better spent here, a quality lens can make a big difference when it comes to digital photographs.

Learn how to use your camera and what all the features do, learn the basic of photography and then work on special techniques. There are so many ways to improve your pictures or make them different and interesting.


When talking about lenses you should know that this is one of the most important aspects of taking pictures, you can know how to take a good picture but without a good lens it will just be average. There are different types of lenses for the type of picture you take, using a lens that was designed for the purpose will deliver the best picture but there are some cases where a multi use lens can be best for you.

  • Macro lenses - used to take close up images of small items
  • prime lenses - The lens has one focal length and usually has a better aperture setting
  • Telephoto Lenses - Used to bring closer into frame
  • Wide Angle Lenses - Used to take picture when the distance needed to frame the image is short

Rule of Thirds

Rule of thirds, using the rule of thirds is a good way to learn how to frame your image. Improving every aspect of your skills will help to show the best pictures possible.


Use the center third to center your image in the frame, this helps you to evenly space your subject in the center. Place your subject in one of the outside thirds and show the area with it.


Use the thirds for placing the foreground and backround into an image, like the top third being the horizon or sky and the lower third being the foreground or area between the subject and you.

This can go into a lot more detail on how to use the rule of thirds but I see it as the basics and many photographers already know this naturally. If you are trying to perfect your skill I see it as an area to look into because you can learn some advanced techniques with this as the starting point.

Shutter Speed

Shutter speed is an important tool, this is when the shutter is briefly opened to exposure the sensor to the image for capture. You can slow the shutter speed down if you want to blur the image or if you want to shoot in low light conditions, at slower speeds you can badly blur the image with movement and a tripod is recommended.

By increasing the shutter speed you can capture fast moving subjects in a still shot, this requires more light so you need a large aperture lens.


This is the time the sensor is exposed to the image being photographed, and it goes hand in hand with the shutter speed. Slowing the shutter speed increases the exposure time, in low light situations you may need a much longer exposure and a tripod will be necessary to stop blurring from camera movement.

Pick A speciality

If you have a certain kind of picture you like to take then focus on that being your specialty, you will get really good at one thing and then you can branch out. I personally like to get good at one thing and then move to another.

Let's use macro photography as an example, this is taking images of small things. You will need to get the necessary lenses or accessories to take these pictures and then you will need to start doing it and learning tricks as you go. If you are like me and like to learn from others mistakes you can research how to do it and get tips on becoming good at it.



Getting the best shot is important and you never know where it will come from or how you will take it, by taking pictures in different positions and lighting conditions you will stay ready to take quality pictures.

Unusual angels or subjects can make for interesting pictures, find unusual items and then discover ways to photo them that makes them more unusual or shows what is different about them.

You just never know when a picture will present itself and you need to be ready, some of my best and most lucrative pictures have been spur of the moment pictures.

There are many great pictures just sitting around. You have to look at things with a different perspective or from a different angle and you will find the new images in the old.

What type of Pictures do you like to take?

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Know your subject

Getting to know what you are taking pictures of can help to produce better results, understanding how it looks and reacts to light can be a big help when photographing it.


Film is still purchasable but the memory card and digital cameras are here to stay until something better comes along. memory cards can store hundreds or thousands of pictures. They can be erased and reused from your camera or computer with ease, they helped to change what photography is about.

Modern Cameras

Today's modern cameras can take a great picture on their own. They have automatic settings that help you to take better pictures. I am old school with setting the camera myself, this requires understanding all the controls and functions like shutter speed and f-stops. The automatic settings work from a predetermined settings according to available light and distance. These can be mislead by factors like shade or reflections. For this reason it is beneficial to know how to go manually when you need to.

Using the automatic setting can work well in normal settings, there are times when more control is called for. For example a photographer needs to have clear images at 100 percent when home pictures just need to be clear at viewing levels. The modern cameras with automatic settings are useful and another tool to the photographer. They are not the only tool to be relied on, learning to use the camera to it's fullest potential will help you reach yours.

© 2015 Vince


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