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Taking a good picture

Updated on July 7, 2013

Pictures are a great way to make memories of things that have happened as you grow in life getting married new baby's a fun family day out so so much more so you want that picture to be perfect.Cameras have automatic mode and manual mode.Automatic mode is the mode which you have less to think about especially if you are new to photography it is a great start.Automatic mode means you don't have to thing the camera decides for you the focus, shutter speed and flash.Manual mode is not as easy if you don't have the correct settings the picture can come out to dark or over exposed and blurry.using a low ISO is good for using in a area with a lot of light.ISO is set low you will have a blurred background and sharp object but set the ISO high the picture will be more grainy but more of a dull look but good for using in a dark light.Aperture is a small hole it is the eye of the camera and helps control how much light is let through.Large aperture is a good thing to use when taking a portrait picture the higher the aperture you will avoid the background and really high lite the object which means that the lens can pass through more light and hence the image .Small aperture will let less light through and focus on the object and the back ground to.Shutter speed can be important it can play in the style of picture you want.Slow shutter speed will capture a smooth image like water dripping it will capture the water effect and you can make the image look like a light painting.Using a slow shutter speed will also give you the chance to use the blue effect and get creative with it.I find using a tripod helps when in slow shutter speed.Fast shutter speed is different as for slow lets you get creative with blur speed is the opposite it freeze the moment which is really good for catching the action in that sport.Few tips when taking a picture is that you could move in closer on the subject have your subject fill the frame so the person looking at it can really see and understand and appreciate more on what you saw through the lens.On small cameras the flower is a good setting to have it on for a sharper close up of the image.Great light can make great pictures but having the sun beaming down can cause shadows across the face so try to move to a shady area or over cast day is the perfect time to take family portraits.Pictures don't have to be one dimensional get creative and turn your camera side ways and take a vertical picture or of set the subject don't have it in the middle take of center.Props can be a lot of fun don't be afraid to use them and take charge and become the picture directer.Taking pictures of things on the ground is not easy like baby's and dogs so get down to there level and take pictures.There is nothing more then taking a picture and it is not what you wanted all ways take more then one picture of the subject and you can change things up a little to see what you like best.



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