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Tattoo Art: Draw Ideas And Cool Concepts In Tattoo Art

Updated on August 18, 2011

Tattoo Art Ideas

Thinking of tattoo ideas and concepts is the easy part, putting them down on paper can be difficult when you have all of them ideas all swirling around your head. The best thing to do is to just draw and sketch and to hell with the end result, just see what happens and be inspired by what tattoo art is currently out there and have fun drawing tattoo designs. What follows is a look at drawing tattoo ideas and concepts that you can become inspired by to create some cool looking tattoo art.

First of all, you need to have your pencils and paper at the ready and a willingness to draw down your ideas, no matter how crazy your concepts turn out they are yours and they should be very unique. Lets begin by looking at some YouTube videos I created on drawing tattoo ideas.

The first video is a simple and very basic look at drawing a possible Spider tattoo and it's a silent video which hopefully represents a good way of trying to draw a Spider tattoo step by step with photos that really help and as a video you can pause whenever you want to see each step clearly and see how you draw something so simple as a Spider pencil drawing tattoo idea.

Draw Tattoo Art Concepts Ideas And Just Cool Designs

Wayne Tully tattoo art and fantasy art Copyright 2011.
Wayne Tully tattoo art and fantasy art Copyright 2011. | Source

Spider Tattoo Art Drawing

How To Draw A Flaming Skull Tattoo Idea

Drawing a flaming skull tattoo is one popular design and in this video I created it something similar to the Spider tattoo video in which it's just a series of photos based on me drawing each step of the way a Flaming Skull tattoo drawing from pencil to the inked version. Of course I could have done a section on coloring the flaming skull and that will be done in the future, but really we are dealing with concepts and ideas and the drawings are the basic foundations of tattoos and that's what I wanted to focus on.

Draw a flaming skull tattoo....

Basic Flaming Skull Step By Step Tattoo Drawing Video

Koi Fish Ideas For Tattoos

The Koi fish is yet another popular design, a Japanese design that once colored with vibrant colors can really and quite easily become recognizable as a tattoo with the splashing water and the colorful colors of the Koi fish. I drew the following draft of a Koi fish tattoo art design just to see if I could draw it in draft form and because I love the Japanese art form especially when Japanese Dragons are tattooed this way too with all of the bright colors of the Rainbow.

Take a look at the Koi fish rough sketch and see if you can come up with something better and really study those Koi fish designs to make them even more unique.

Koi Fish Draft Tattoo

Rose Tattoo Art Coloring

When laying down the actual color of a tattoo, in this case a rose tattoo design you can use whatever art markers you like, but I personally use the cheapest and more affordable and the Crayola Supertips are just that and they are nice and bright and great for blending well with other Crayola products like the colored pencil range and the broad art markers.

Lay your colors down as quick as you can and then move on to the next tattoo design, it's all go when you are a tattoo designer and the more you draw, the better you'll get at drawing specific tattoos and if you want to you could sell them online.

Coloring A Rose Tattoo Idea With Crayola Supertips

Tattoo Art Concepts

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    • Wayne Tully profile image

      Wayne Tully 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      Cheers now...I do like a Koi tattoo design. But I also like a demonic tattoo design too lol

    • The Odd Spartan profile image

      Christopher Rago 6 years ago from Hamilton, NJ

      Nice hub, my girlfriend has a koi and it is sweet.