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Teach Yourself Corel Draw - The Most Popular Graphic Design Application – Part 3

Updated on March 20, 2013

In the previous part we have learnt how to draw straight lines and how to save your work. We have also learnt how to export your drawing in standard formats.

In this part we will further explore the Bezier tool and try to learn some wonderful technique which will help us in making interesting drawings in near future. So let’s start to our next project.

Exploring Bezier tool

  • Launch the application with the New Graphic selection
  • Click on the curve flyout from the toolbox (4th from the top of toolbox)
  • Select the Bezier tool
  • Click on the starting point
  • Click on the end point – a line will be drawn on the drawing page.
  • Click on the shape tool
  • Click on the line just drawn
  • On the property bar click on Convert line to curve icon

You will find two control points shown as two small squares.

When you drag any of these control points, the line will change its shape. Manipulate the line with these control points as well as two end points in such a way that the two ends of the curve come together and form the shape of a petal of flower. Now click on the Auto-Close curve icon on the property bar to close the two end points of the curve.

You have just created a petal. Now we are only a few steps behind of our goal to make a flower. But before that you have to learn a few more techniques.

Please try to understand the following techniques. These will be very useful in the future journey.

Rotating an object

  • Click on pick tool
  • Click on the object once
  • You will find that the object is surrounded by several small squares and an ‘x’ at its centre.
  • Click again on the object

Now you will find that the small squares have been changed into small lines or curves with the arrow heads on its both ends. And the ‘x’ at the centre has been changed into a small circle with a small dot at its centre.

When you bring the pointer to the arrow headed curves, you will find that the pointer has been changed into a small semi-circle with arrow heads at its both ends. It means that you can now rotate the object by dragging this point. The centre of rotation will be the small circle (with the dot at its centre). You can drag the centre at any location inside the object as per your requirement.

By dragging the control denoted by the small line with two arrow heads at both the ends, you can change the shape of the object.

Duplicating an object

You can make any number of duplicate copies of the selected object by the following method.

  • Select the object with the pick tool
  • Go to edit
  • Click on duplicate
  • You will find the copy of the selected object is drawn on the drawing page each time you click on edit -> duplicate.

You can also create duplicate object by pressing ctrl + D.

Now it is time to take a break to digest what we have learnt today. We will come back soon and continue our journey towards this wonderful world of graphic design. Till then relax.


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