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Tears of Dispute

Updated on March 30, 2017
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I am a graduate of Mass Communication ''Bsc" but was a science student in my secondary school days, finally majored in forensic journalism.

Tears of dispute

Tears gush out
As it rushes out
I measured it in a platter of my palm
My handkerchief soaked in genuine regret
Understand I am not better than a dog
But don’t tell it to me this way

Anger was the one at fault
I never wished to dispute
You are all have got
Please hold me firm
If I drop! You have a choice to chose
I wont do it
Cos there isn’t a choice for me to chose

I have counted my mistakes
And don’t deserved forgiveness
But if you do not
Then you weren’t truthful
Have done more than worst himself
Don’t hate me than hatred her self

Give me a chance
And I shall tell you a story
Love is a game of the heart
Its pitch lays in our heart
Take a journey to your heart
Through the route of my heart
And you will know what I have in heart

“Love is sharing” you have shared so many things with me
“Love is a thing of joy” you have brought me joy
“Love is caring” you have cared enough for me
“Love is understanding” you need some more understanding
“Love is the name of a woman” you are the one I know
“Love is togetherness” are we together now?

There really aint a reason
Why I should break the chord
But if you have made up your mind
The dig a grave for me
I wonder how it pains
If I don’t retain its stains

You have eaten deep into me
So don’t think about what you think
I have sank deep into you
The string you can’t remove
Don’t swing the other way
Lest I cling without you

You have been my inspiration
Don’t set me under fire
Think of the plans we have made ahead
Lest you get tired
I wish to say am sorry
I never meant to hurt you

Think of our unborn kids
Their cries are sacred
Don’t send them back to nowhere
Our family is where they belong
In our house their home
Please don’t unflag our flying flag
The love must keep on glowing.


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