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Tech Review: Adobe Premiere Elements 9- Now on Mac too

Updated on September 9, 2011

Adobe Premier Elements 9 : My Review

Adobe Premier Elements 9 My Review
Adobe Premier Elements 9 My Review
Adobe Premier Elements 9 My Review
Adobe Premier Elements 9 My Review

Make Crisp High-Quality Videos with Adobe Premiere Elements 9: My Review

For the first time in history Adobe was planning to launch its next movie editor to work on Mac platform. Ever since the product was unveiled to press I have been waiting with my fingers cross. The best movie editor would now be compatible with my favorite operating system. After a long wait I have finally laid my hands on the Adobe Premiere Elements 9 and I find myself unable to part with my laptop even for an hour. I have been experimenting with movie making, video editing, effects and what not.

The Adobe Premiere Elements 9 makes the task of movie making and video editing effortlessly easy. For so many years Adobe has been the unchallenged leader in the fields of photo-editing and movie making and movie editing. It had only one drawback- it was only compatible with Microsoft Windows platform. With the launch of Adobe Premiere Elements 9 now those of us who are more comfortable working on a Mac platform can utilize the powerful and automated moviemaking tools to create professional HD quality videos.

I m a photographer and videographer and it is a part of my job as well as my hobby to play and experiment with clips, videos, music and effects. I shoot documentaries that have no cinematographic effects and are pretty plain, monotonous and boring. After editing and adding effects and background music the documentaries are transformed to an interesting piece of work. And Adobe Premiere Element 9 does it for me.

Adobe Premiere Elements 9 can import clips from a number of devices and automatically organize them in order of quality and relevance. With Premiere 9 you can edit sections of the clips, enhance light and color and effects. Trim sections that are blurred or shaky or irrelevant. You can convert a clip to cartoon in a lengthy video to add some interest. You can add and organize background music using the timeline in Adobe Premiere Elements 9 to further spice up your video.

When the video is ready Adobe Premiere Elements 9 offers options to burn it on a DVD or share it online with our friends and fans. What comes as an add-on is a 2GB online storage to save your videos and protect them from any mishap. For US users Adobe Premiere Elements 9 Plus comes with a 20 GB online storage space.


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    • sushantkshr profile image

      sushantkshr 6 years ago

      Thanks grammy.:)

    • fatgrammy profile image

      fatgrammy 6 years ago from North Carolina

      I too love Adobe for all it can do. I am glad to know that Mac users can now enjoy this amazing tool. Good post