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Three Websites to Get a Custom Tee Online

Updated on August 9, 2014
Be happy, make custom tee.
Be happy, make custom tee. | Source

Getting Shirts from the World Wide Web

A good T-shirt is as good as any shirt, but a good custom T-shirt is a one-of-a-kind. Of course you could always grab your own screen printing supplies as well and really Do-It-Yourself. Based on experience, that was only fun in the purchasing arena.

1. Storenvy

If you are looking for “one-of-a-kind things you can’t find anywhere else” then we need to check out Storenvy, because that is where those kinds of things are displayed, and those are the closest we could get to custom-made things.

Each item sold in a store in Storenvy comes with a story. From a piece of jewelry to video games merchandises, each item will have a story to tell.

Some brands include their brand story on the webpage, so it’s easier to decide whether that is the brand for us or not. With 85,820 brands to shop from, we have a lot of choices and available items for every personality.

What’s also practical is their call to action. The shopper has a choice of following a brand, watching a store (in adoration, of course), envying an item, or collecting items publicly and privately.

DIY Screen Printing Shop Kit

How Customizations Are Handled

Now for the custom T-shirts, there are many ways they could be prepared:

  • Screen printing is time consuming to setup, messy in preparation and takes up creative space.
  • Direct To Garment (DTG) printing or also known as Direct on Garment will show more results for more customization, given that you have a DTG printer and the dark or white T-shirts ready.
  • Heat sublimation, and then print an iron on is the common process for artsy design, and they work okay for most designs in .jpg or raster format.
  • Silk screen printing is more sophisticated than screen printing, and you might need to tweak the colors you are using to the acceptable formats.
  • Cad cut vinyl uses a machine that cuts vinyl paper into the shape of our design, so it’s inexpensive on low volume orders of 1 or 2 colors.
  • Transfer printing is like the cad cut vinyl, but using transfer paper and the result may feel a bit like plastic.
  • Embroidery is an excellent choice for a professional looking custom T-shirt design.

Two Hours Past Bedtime

Sometimes we just knew that certain art works would be really good on a custom T-shirt
Sometimes we just knew that certain art works would be really good on a custom T-shirt | Source

Best for the design

Which T-shirt colors are the best for your design?

See results

Choose, Design, Decide

The first step in creating a custom T-shirt design is to decide on a quality for the print. Think about how the artistic design will look on our selected T-shirt in its selected color, and then check for the design requirements.

The design can be easily prepared once we figure out what format the design will need to be, the color scheme, and the resolutions.

If you have a pre-made design, then the raw design file would be handy for the tweaking. So instead of working with a .jpg file of the image, it’s a lot more convenient to customize the raw design file that we have. This will later affect the printing technique to be used.

With the designs ready and in our hands, once we have decided on a quality that we are after, or if you are happy with the way the art looks on the shirt, what comes next is the printing. In general, that is all there is to it.

Resurrection: Also T-shirt Customization

The Snaptee App

Today’s app market knows that we need to have some variety in our lives. Snaptee App is an application whose sole purpose is to let us design and get our custom made T-shirts, in black or white.

We need to download the app through, and then create a Snaptee account. Each user has the option to also allow the designs to be sold online for a 10% commission, retaining the copyright of the original masterpieces.

Snaptee T-shirts are available in black and white. They are made in China, and then printed in Hong Kong with the DTG technology.

Their hoodies and sweatshirts are unisex and are sized S-2XL.

Their offers include crewnecks for men, women and kids, 100% combed cotton pullover hoodies and 50% cotton / 50% polyester pullover sweatshirts.

For their shipping, Snaptee charges a flat US$5 and delivers anywhere in the world. Their shirts are priced between the range of US$19.99 and US$23.99 for the crewnecks, while their hoodies and sweatshirts are a bit more expensive than the crewnecks.


One of the best things about Design a Shirt is the online design studio. The next best thing is the instant quote option, which works wonders for bulk purchases.

There is just so many types of shirts to choose from with Design a Shirt.

For starters, there’s the short sleeved, the eco-friendly, the long sleeve, the tank top, the athletic shirts, the business wear, women’s outfit, and a special section for juniors.

Each item can be personalized in just three steps, with the live help desk at the ready.

We add images, words, names & numbers to our selected item first.

Once we are satisfied with the composition, we can save and share them. And then we get a quote, add comments, and make the purchase.

More customization

In addition to uploading our own designs, there are templates that can be personalized. We’ll also be able to choose other additional customization, including adding embroidery and creating a logo.

Although they do accept international shipping, the website states that free and standard shipping fees are charged for deliveries made to addresses within the continental United States. The good thing is they have guaranteed delivery services: super saver, free, quick and lightning.

That Plasticy Feel

The printing technique we select is determined by the design for the shirt.
The printing technique we select is determined by the design for the shirt. | Source

Summer Exhibition 2014 at the Royal Academy of Arts

Direct to Garment or Direct on Garment

3. High street shirts with

Streetshirts offer free high street quality painting on all garments, and they have lots of products. With worldwide shipping and no minimum order, this is a very interesting choice to get your designs on shirts.

They’ve made the transition to direct on garment printing and same-day order dispatch.

This means that they are ready to print free(!) some of the designs that allow free DTG printing, and that means that we are going to only pay for only the extra additions to the design, such as glitters, colors other than digital, etc.


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