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3 Easy Crochet Lessons-Youtube

Updated on July 15, 2013


I have said it once, I will say it again. YouTube is the best place to go when you are just learning to crochet. When you have gotten better at it, you will see that you can actually read the patterns. It truly is invigorating when you can sit there and crochet while reading a pattern instead of watching a video. But for beginners, the best thing to do is search on YouTube for crochet patterns. You can pause, un-pause, search, get ideas, and get free patterns. When you start making your own patterns or your own makings, you can show them off by uploading videos to YouTube of your pictures. The people on YouTube are so helpful. I have had problems with some of the patterns I have found on there, and they are so completely fast to reply when I need them. I am sure that if you have an issue as well, you can get the help you need. Also, when figuring out new patterns for crocheting, the best place to go to for abbreviations is the Craft Yarn Council. They have everything there is to know on crochet abbreviations. It made being able to follow patterns so much easier.


The Basic Baby Cocoon

The Basic Baby Cocoon is for those little babies to be snuggled. It can be for your own use, to be made for others, or for photography props. Different colors, and accents can change the look completely for each one you make.

I learned how to do this when I wanted to do something fun for my cousin-in-law's brand new baby. I found this one on Youtube...THE ONLY ONE ON THERE! There are 2 parts to this video and I love this lady! She is so awesome at describing what she is doing and how she is doing it. She has alot of helpful videos that are easy and she is a great teacher!

PS, I did this cocoon and she made it so easy I laughed when I was done. I couldn't believe I had done it myself!

How to Crochet a Baby Cocoon by Bobwilson123

3 Strand Headband

Different accents, colors, and flowers will make this headband stand out on anyone. This headband will be adorable on anyone from adults to babies. It can be used as an every day headband or even photography props for those special ones. With photography props, you can use a hot-glue gun to attach little flowers, etc.

Oh my goodness! This is a great learning lesson for beginners as you only deal with single crochet and slip-knots. I had a great time experimenting with colors and finally decided on a cute baby white yarn, because well, white goes with anything! I also thought that as I said on the video above this lady is one great teacher. I ended up giving the first headband I made to my daughter and it looks so good on her now my sister-in-law wants one! I hope you find this headband as easy to make as I did!

How to Crochet a 3 Strand Headband by Bobwilson123

2 Strand Headband
2 Strand Headband
2 Strand Headband
2 Strand Headband

Super Star Afghan

This Super Star Afghan can be made in any color and will look awesome adorning a child's bed, a baby's bed, your couch, or a bed. The best thing about this afghan is that in any color it looks so completely patriotic. It's a star for crying out loud!

One word-FABULOUS! I am currently working on this right now and it is so awesome! This guy is a great to watch for tutorials. He is so funny too, I love his videos. This afghan is so beautiful and so simple at the same time that it works as a great gift. It is a little harder to do but pausing the video bunches of times works wonders! I am going to be giving this afghan to my mom because I did the colors red, white, and blue. She loves American things and I just had to do a red white and blue one for my 1st star afghan!

How to Crochet a Super Star Afghan by Mikeyssmail

Super Star Afghan
Super Star Afghan


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    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 6 years ago from the short journey

      Thanks for sharing these patterns in a handy hub. The cocoons are going to fun to make for my granddaughter's doll babies.