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The $80,000,000 Scream!

Updated on April 27, 2012

Edvard Munch's "Scream" is the most mimicked and copied piece of art since 1895, when he created this horrific-like painting. But, it is most popular since the 1960's when pop culture adopted it. Actually, there are four versions that Munch created, but the only one now up for auction with a starting amount of eighty million is the most famous. The price tag does not seem to bother some of those interested in bidding as Sotheby's has been sending the painting to bidders for personal inspection. So far, about 10 collectors are interested. Each of the bidders are worth only $8,000,000,000,000, so eighty million to them is a spare change!

Munch, unlike Picasso, is not well known for his artwork. In fact, this might be his "one hit" wonder. The four versions do not differ that greatly, all were done between 1893-1910. Munch was called "bizarro" back in his time and was the first to charge admission to view his work. It all started in 1893, when he was 30 yrs. He was a chain smoker and alcoholic. He had very little money and had just broken off a love affair that was dear to him. Mental illness was a family affair and he was convinced he was next. His sister was proof of that, she was in an asylum.

Munch did other works, but all pale to his, The Scream.


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