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Mastering The Art Of The "Selfie"

Updated on May 19, 2016

Selfie taking is becoming serious business. What self-respecting person would allow a lame photo of themselves floating out on the interwebs? Selfies are an art form in themselves.

To prove my point, Selfie has a Wikipedia page. And, it's being monitored for inclusion in the online version of the Oxford English Dictionary. If you think Selfies are a recent phenomena, it actually dates back to the 19th century (I had no idea).

Is it egotistical and vain to constantly take pictures of ourselves and post them to Facebook, Twitter and other Social Networks? Sure it is. My contention is, we should establish Selfie protocol before it gets totally out of hand.

Granted, if you're a social media professional, you definitely need selfies to post on your profile pages. Posting the same selfie to all the social networks shows a lack of creativity. Again, use restraint. Your credibility's at stake.

Me and Ben

Social Media Abuse

I'm sure we all know a friend who posts nothing but selfies on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We should call the "Selfie police" on these menaces to Social Media. Maybe the NSA could monitor their activity and report it to the authorities. Just kidding!!!

Some people just don't have a sense of proper etiquette. Why would anyone want the world to see themselves making a "Duck Face" or sticking out your tongue. How uncouth... Ya know, I realize I'm not as photogenic as I once was. So I resort to photo editing my Selfies. I guess that makes me as vain as all of the "selfie abusers"out there. Crap!!! Just use restraint and common sense and the "Selfie gods" will be pleased. A word to the wise, DO NOT tick these celestials off or you'll pay the consequences. if you abuse you lose. I refer to this as "selfie karma".

Believe it or not, there's a new network called Snapchat. It's all the rage with the "youngs". Whatever you post (picture, video or status update) will be deleted in 10 to 30 seconds. Is this asking for trouble? Maybe not. No harm, no foul!!!

No One's Excluded

Even celebrities and world leaders are entering the arena. It's strange seeing Barrack Obama snapping a Selfie with the Prime Minister of Brazil. The infamous photo showed the President doing the camerawork. And, the First Lady seemed a tad bit perturbed that she wasn't included! Numerous Hollywood stars posted selfies in varying states of undress last year (no links here...NSFW). What's next, Pope Francis snapping a self portrait in all his papal glory??? Or worse yet, Kim Jong Un and Dennis Rodman posing for the smartphone camera. (I apologize) With their huge following on social networks, these famous people receive more exposure. As if they don't get enough.

I seriously question whether these digital self portraits are taken by the celebrity or a professional photographer. I'm convinced there staged. Most of them are just too perfect...

Mastering The Art Of The Selfie

There really is an art to taking Selfies. All of the normal photographic principles have to be followed:

  1. finding the best lighting
  2. locating a great setting
  3. striking an appealing pose
  4. determining the proper arm distance to subject ratio
  5. no mirrors allowed (that's cheating)
  6. absolutely no obscene gestures

Adhere to these guidelines and you can't help but take a respectable Selfie.

But then there's people like me who go to great lengths to totally disfigure themselves. Hey, that's just the way I roll.

Selfies have been around for well over a hundred years. And, you can bet your bottom dollar they're never going away. Our egos just wouldn't allow it.

FYI, there are smartphone cameras that respond to voice commands.

So, just smile and say CHEEEEEEZE...

I'm really not a negative person

I wouldn't want to mess with this dude. He looks pretty scary. This was my first selfie. The fascination and selfie addiction started right here. Lord help me!!!

Nowadays, there are so many outlets to post photos (Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr i.e.) no wonder people go overboard. The main thing is be playful, not vain or obscene.

*** Even though I prefer face to face encounters. Social Media is the way we communicate in the 21st century. Embrace it. Express yourself. And, most all, enjoy it!!!

Elevation Creative: How To Take A Selfie

Should there be a Federal law to regulate the taking of selfies?

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