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The Art of Decorating Eggs

Updated on January 23, 2017
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Tricia Deed is a freelance writer of arts and crafts. She enjoys bringing an array of different projects to your attention.

Hand Decorated Eggs


The Art of Decorating Eggs

Decorating eggs has become a fine art. Many artists are now challenged in this new media. The simple egg has become a fragile canvas for painted, decorated, and sculptured masterpieces.

The everyday eggshell is fast becoming a new hobby or profession for artists and craftsmen.

Pen Design before Coloring

Take time to pen your design onto the egg shell before coloring or painting.
Take time to pen your design onto the egg shell before coloring or painting. | Source

Coloring Eggs

Most everyone is familiar with coloring egg shells. The Easter celebration welcomes the egg hunt which is a treat for children finding their treasures to fill their baskets. Contests add to the excitement of being the winner with the most eggs, the prettiest, and the unusual.

Egg coloring kits can be purchased or use onion peelings to color the eggs yellow. Simple drawings can be made with permanent liquid ink.

Crayons are the next common coloring tool. And then one advances to using water colors, acrylic paints, nail polish, and whatever crazy ideas one has for changing the common white egg shell to other vivid colors.

Dyed Easter Eggs

Dyeing eggs is the first step before adding additional decorations.
Dyeing eggs is the first step before adding additional decorations. | Source

Egg Dyeing Preparation

Add 1 1/2 teaspoons of salt to each quart of water and place a pin hole on either side of the egg. These two items will make easy peeling of the hard boiled eggs.

Colorize with either food dye or a store bought dye kit. Regardless of which you use you will need distilled vinegar to add to the dye. Prepare one container per color.The normal recipe is 1/2 cup boiling water to 1 teaspoon distilled vinegar. Add as many dye drops as you wish for the desired color.

Elaborate Egg Shell Painting

Tulip Painted Egg Shell
Tulip Painted Egg Shell | Source

Natural or Man-made Egg Shells

All egg shells can be used. What do you have access to? Will your eggs come from the ostrich, turkey, chicken, duck, or another bird? Or would you prefer man-made eggs designed from Styrofoam, plastic, or wood?

Egg decorating can be kept simple or quite complex. As an artist or craftsman where will your talents and skills take you into this fragile and detailed form of art?

5 Steps to Create Your Masterpiece:

  1. Prepare and clean your egg forms.
  2. Plan and organize your design.
  3. Sketch the drawing directly onto the egg shell.
  4. Have your favorite media at your fingertips and start painting, papering, ribbon and trim decorating, fabric swatches, small ornaments, decoupage, paper mache, or carving.
  5. Place your finished masterpieces on egg holders, in baskets, small pottery, on cushions, or any type of holder which will compliment or enhance your creation.

Blowing Out Easter Eggs - Making it Hollow

How to Empty Raw Egg Shells

Before attempting to remove the raw egg; wash the shell with soap and water. After you have removed the contents rinse shell with cold water until the interior is clean. Blow out any remaining water. Place shells on towel or an egg carton to dry.

Purchase a kit which contains a needle and a pump for doing many egg shells. Blowing these eggs is similar to blowing a balloon in that your facial cheeks will hurt if many have to be done.

Remove the raw egg from its shell by placing a hole on either side of the egg. Use an ice pick, an awl, a skewer, a nail, a pin, anything with a sharp point. The larger hole will be on the wider side of the egg. Place your lips at the pointed side of the egg, then blow. Be sure to break up the yolk before blowing egg.

Victorian Lace Egg Carving Video from the Feathered Nest, Bishop Hill, IL

Egg Carving

How to carve and egg:

  1. Firstly, work with an empty egg shell which has been washed and dried thoroughly. Experiment with different types of eggs. The Ostrich egg is large and has a tough shell, the emu egg has natural coloring of green to shades of black, and the duck egg is larger than a chicken egg. Be aware that you will break some egg shells while learning. Be very patient.
  2. Apply an original drawing with pencil, or apply a stencil pattern.
  3. Wear vinyl gloves and a mask for safety.
  4. Remove unwanted areas of the design. Use dental drills, grinding tools or the Dremel tool with a fine bit.
  5. Place on a stand for all to view.

Fashionable Eggshell

Crochet an entire fashion statement for an egg.
Crochet an entire fashion statement for an egg. | Source

Eggshell Ideas and Recycling

Other decorator and recycling ideas for eggshells:

  1. Egg shells can be decorated for any holiday, celebration, gifts, or special occasions. There are endless ideas for decorating egg shells. It is your creativity and imagination which can give an egg shell new life.
  2. Marking pens, crayons, paints, nail polish, and various inks can be used for those who enjoying drawing and then filling the spaces with colored inks or paints.
  3. Textiles of fabric, notions, ribbons, buttons, snaps, and more can be glued to the eggshell.
  4. Use or make miniature lights and attach to the interior of the shell to create lit lanterns.
  5. If there are extra egg shell halves which are not being used, puncture a hole in the bottom of the shell and fill with soil to start your favorite seedlings.
  6. Damaged or broken shells can be thrown into the flower or vegetable garden as a calcium additive to the soil.
  7. Broken colored eggshells can be placed into an empty jar, tie the lid area with a fancy ribbon and this jar can be used for a home décor.
  8. Make unique jewelry.
  9. Use eggshells as a mosaic.

Decorating Egg Shells for All Occasions

Have you discovered the hobby of egg shell decorating?

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