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The Art that Flows Within

Updated on November 3, 2009
Keep looking Up.
Keep looking Up.


Arts are a big part of what defines my character. When I was in 8th grade, about eight years ago, I started a book about me. It has no title, just a front page that states: Good Stuff Journal. It started as a journal, just a plain old composition notebook from the store. But after my first page, I had an urge to start collecting things, explaining who I was. Page by page, I filled them up. My fears, my sorrows, my woes, my joyous moments. pictures, magazine clippings, stickers, glitter, foam cutouts, cardboard, fortunes from the cookies, leaves, anything to describe who and why I am. The pages are far too thick for its binding, but I've still got a good chunk to go. I'm hoping the binding holds up, or I've got to find some way to keep the pages all together. It's not meant to be weird or creepy, but I was hoping when I die, the book could be left out, for everyone to leaf through, to see me as I see myself. A book of memories.

Ever since I was young enough to glue macaroni to construction paper, I've been creating. I drew the twenty some pictures that hung in my mother's office. I won several coloring contests in my younger years (Up until I grew older than the highest category). And I took videos and pictures of anything and everything. I stopped buying my friends birthday cards and started making them instead. An intimate card filled with inside jokes, great memorable pictures, and happy wishes! =)

In addition to these, I have also started a book between my best friend who moved away to go to school. She didn't move very far, but she's no longer within driving distance, so we started a notebook to pass back and forth. We have a shoe box full of pictures and things to place inside. We write whats going on in our lives, since we're not as much a part of each other's anymore. We write what bothers us, we write letters, songs, poems, paintings. And we pass it back and forth.

My friend Fanno bought me an easel and paints for my last birthday. I'm getting ready to use the last canvas, since they're expensive and I was saving it. I love photography as well. Mostly it's Nature that captivates my mind. The current of life you can see in a patch of forest is awesome, and I love trying to memorize the sounds, smells, and feelings I get when I share that current.

I write. I write silly short stories. I write what's on my mind. Whether it's abstract or super concrete, I write it down. It helps me collect my thoughts and put them in order. My goal and aspiration is to write and have published a work of fiction. A book that can create suspense, wonder, and awe in someone else. I write poems, anything to convey the feelings I have.

So in conclusion, I don't think I can honestly say I have a favorite piece from the "Arts and Crafts" genre. All of them play a huge role in my life. I can't see myself doing anything else in life, than creating. Art is under appreciated sometimes in today's technological era, and the craft of creating something unique and beautiful is such an awe inspiring thing. I'm about to graduate with a major in Creative Writing! I'm a bit scared at the prospect of having to leave college and "join the real world" but I think it'll be an excellent adventure. Arts and Crafts are in my blood. I couldn't get away from it even if I tried.  But That, is just fine with me.  =]


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