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The Best Free WordPress Themes of 2013

Updated on May 6, 2013

Free WordPress Themes of 2013: An Exclusive List

Good design is good business
Good design is good business


The 'Best Free WordPress Themes' which you're going to see are some of my favorite! I've found them superior to many themes, and even some premium themes too!

If you have little knowledge of web design, you can turn these themes into the best ones, according to your need!

Premium Free WordPress Themes

Very few Free WordPress themes stand out from the crowd and can really make your readers feel wow! Here's an awesome list of the hand picked free, premium looking WordPress Theme of 2013. yes, some of them are "premium WordPress themes" with reduced functionality and are offered free!

If you're just starting up with WordPress, read this article till the end! It has some crucial points that needs an attention before you jump to download a WordPress Theme! Oh Yes! It's so very true!

****Looking for very cheap WordPress themes, check the ebay module at the end!!

#1 Beauty and Clean: Best Free WordPress Theme

Clean and Minimal Theme
Clean and Minimal Theme | Source

Yes, I Fell in Love

Theme is Tested and OK

The slider comes with the premium version of the Theme

If you've posts with text and pictures, this theme is best

A responsive theme, it fits to any device

My Rating

5 stars for Beauty and Clean | Minimal Theme

#1 Beauty and Clean: Best Free WordPress Themes 2013

I recently discovered this awesome theme!

Meant for those

Who love simplicity and elegance!

A Retina Friendly Theme

Completely Customizable!

Neat Coding

Your readers will have a great experience and the theme registers a high CTR with Google Ads! It is ideal for a personal blog! This theme has both a free and a premium version!

You can download this awesome WordPress theme of 2013 here!


Impero Culinary Best Free WordPress Theme of 2013

Impero Culinary WordPress Theme
Impero Culinary WordPress Theme | Source

Yes, This Theme is Lovable

You'll fall in love with the neat design!

Simple, sweet theme

Worth Testing

I'd appreciate your Feedback

#2 Best Free WordPress Theme: Impero

The Theme has a natural exclusive design to harbor our visitors! The demo version provides less features, but it is worth trying!

If you wish to show your culinary skills, Impero is a wonderful choice! Indeed it is superior to many premium WordPress themes and you can always add a slider to this theme if you've minimal web design knowledge!

I'd rate Impero with 4 and a half Stars

#3 Di'verse Cute WorPress Theme 2013

Di'verse Cute WorPress Theme
Di'verse Cute WorPress Theme

#3 Di'verse Business and Blog Theme

Di'verse is another well designed business and blog theme from YIT. The layout is appealing to me.

I've installed the theme and it's OK.

I'll hover though the features of the free version and let you know once I'm done!

Meanwhile try exploring the theme by yourself. You can download the free theme here!


#4 Adapt Free Premium Business WorPress Theme

Adapt Free Business WorPress Theme
Adapt Free Business WorPress Theme

#4 Adapt Free Premium Business WorPress Theme

Adapt is a free business WordPress Theme that is very professional looking! There is a beautiful slider to display your latest works and features to customize the entire theme. I'm sure you'll love this theme for you site!

I'll give this theme a slightly more weight-age than 3 and a half stars!


10 Commandments for Downloading Free WordPress Themes

Be Patient : Search for a good number of free themes and make a stock of it.

Don't be Over Experimental : You should experiment with a maximum of 2 to 3 themes once you get 200+ visits. You can also ask your regular readers to provide opinion on which theme they prefer! However, if you keep on changing themes, you may welcome additional troubles!

Download Themes from Reliable Source : Never download themes from unauthenticated source! A lot of people downloading themes from torrent only find losing the functionality of the blog after some days of installing them.

Check The Theme for Authenticity : Download TAC (a wordpress plugin named Theme Authenticity Checker) from the plugin repository and install it. If the plugin detects any malicious code, or redirects, it will be shown in red! Be Alert then!

Delete Unused Themes from Server : It's you who must take the case of security seriously! I highly recommend you delete all the themes from the server (obviously which you don't use) Anything you install in the server from unauthenticated source adds to the vulnerability of the server!

Check Header.php : Most of the malicious codes and tracking scripts are installed in header.php. People who are offering free themes on forums, websites and torrents do so for a purpose! they put hacks so that they can redirect visits to their site, and a lot of additional stuff which I'm yet to understand. So, always check the header.php for malicious codes

Modify the CSS : Learn CSS from and modify the look of your theme. It'll help you till take a rebirth!

Keep Your Themes within A Folder : Free or Premium, always keep your themes in one folder and sub categorize them. It'll be easier to navigate!

Go for a premium Theme: You should always make an investment of buying a theme! It is a prerequisite! A good theme increase the average time of your web pages, and this signal is used by Google while crawling your website again! More the people stay, better it is from search engine ranking point of view!

Well, I can manage only 9 of the Commandments! Hey readers, are you listening? Help me out with 1 more!

Final Thoughts While Choosing a Theme

The Best Things are always kept simple! Learn this from Google's Homepage! A simple theme creates readership! People love to be focus, if they are not distracted with tons of features! It increase your time on site and reduce bounce rate!

You not only experience a higher CTR, but also a high CPC for your AdSense ads!

Use these themes and some plugins to empower your blog

All the Best and Good Luck!


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