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The Best How To Draw Books

Updated on August 20, 2014

Best How To Draw Books for Kids


Children’s How to Draw Books

Children’s books require simple instructions, captivating illustrations, and obtainable results to compel and inspire young drawers. How to draw books that are too complicated or include boring subject matter will be quickly discarded. These top children’s drawing books will encourage them to pick up their pencils!

Book #1

How to Draw People by Barbara Soloff Levy

Levy’s instructions include the use of common shapes that are easy for young artists to duplicate. By creating clever combinations of these simple symbols, children are able to recreate pictures as demonstrated in the book. Some of the results include an astronaut, a fireman, and the roller-skating girl featured on the cover.

Book #2

Ed Emberley’s Drawing Book: Make a World by Ed Emberley

This book also utilizes simple shapes that children already know how to draw, and shows them how to create over 400 different items with them. Great for beginning artists of any age, Emberley’s book includes instructions on a wide variety of items, so that children can draw an entire scene. Some featured items include animals, methods of transportation, people, and different types of buildings.

Best Learn to Draw Books for Adults


How to Draw Books for Adults

While adults may also enjoy some of the tasks in the children’s how to draw books, they may also be ready to take their drawing to the next level. For an adult with natural talent to draw but lacking formal drawing education, or a child who is an advanced artist for their age, these books on basic drawing skills and terminology may be helpful.

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain: The Definitive, 4th Edition by Betty Edwards

Having sold millions of copies around the world, Edwards’ guide is one of the most popular how to draw books that has ever been written. With instructions that can be helpful for all ages and skill levels, this book has detailed instruction on perception and technique for realistic sketching.

You Can Draw in 30 Days: The Fun, Easy Way to Learn to Draw in One Month or Less by Mark Kistler

Mark Kistler gained fame as an artist on public television, and this book is a guide to recreating his drawings. He guides readers through instructions using simple steps to draw items from nature, buildings, and features of a person’s face. This book is basic enough for someone starting out, with fun instructions and illustrations.

How To Draw Books for Advanced Artists


Advanced How to Draw Books

If you are a skilled artist who is looking for a challenge or ways to continue honing your skills, these advanced how to draw books are for you. While basic skills are assumed in these books, those who have already mastered basic drawing skills will appreciate the advanced techniques and ideas in these how to draw books.

Experimental Drawing, 30th Anniversary Edition: Creative Exercises Illustrated by Old and New Masters by Robert Kaupelis

This instructional drawing guide encourages artists to stretch their skills to advanced levels and develop their personal technique. Employing more abstract techniques that in basic how to draw books, this book is designed to compel developing artists to leave the basics behind and let their creativity become unleashed.

The Drawing Book: An Innovative, Practical Approach to Drawing the World Around You by Sarah Simblet

In this instructional book, Simblet begins with basics but quickly inspires readers to move beyond them and consider more advanced drawing techniques. With captivating illustrations, the guidance in this book is ideal for encouraging the basic artist to push themselves into more advanced techniques.

Drawing Comics and Cartoons


Best How to Draw Comics and Cartoon Books

Graphic novels are enjoying a surge of popularity and are a fantastic opportunity for the drawing artist. Some artists also enjoy anime or cartoon drawing, rather than landscapes, still life, and architecture. For the artist who enjoys a more fun and unique method of drawing, these books will be a good fit.

How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way by Stan Lee and John Buscema

A quick look at theater offerings will tell you that Marvel Comics are still enjoying a fantastic level of popularity. While creating the next big box office smash might not be in your future, you can learn to draw comics like Stan Lee. Of course, the book uses actual comic book drawings as examples and helps the reader recreate the subjects of popular Marvel adventures.

How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way

Understanding Comics: The Invisible Art by Scott McCloud

This book not only helps the reader create fun cartoons, but it teaches them the history of cartoon art. This innovative guide does not copy any particular cartoonist’s art, but helps the budding cartoonist develop their own style and characters.


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