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The Best Magazine Wordpress Theme of 2013

Updated on March 8, 2013


Review about this theme is based on my personal opinion after using it. There is nothing named 'a perfect theme' but Cnews come fairly close to it. See it, feel it and buy it.

Make sure you watch the demo, you can customize the theme (no coding required) to look like to demo version or in any other way you love!

It comes with an exciting review system!

cNews Best Magazine WordPress Theme of 2013

We all know the importance of a well designed WordPress theme, the ability to increase user engagement, page views and so much more! I've been looking for a wonderful, retina friendly WordPress theme, and I've fond one! Well, I bet not to promote StudioPress and Thesis which costs $99 and $197 respectively.

I checked this sweet and cute little theme at Themes Forest, bought it and I'm loving it! It has tons of features above a standard WordPress theme and you can make every single post look different! Trust me, it'll take you a week with more than 20 published posts to check all the awesome features it has!

You can see my website, with some functionality of CNews WordPress theme

Looking for The Best ^^Free^^ WordPress Theme and more-

Check the link at the end of the article! You'll love the theme!It's a wonderful... free.... theme

Responsive WordPress Theme

Advanced Review System

A truly elegant review system that your visitors will find appealing and you'll fall in love with it too!

10 Blog Post Formats

There are 10 blog post formats which include chat, slideshow, image, audio, video and etc apart from the standard format!

500 Google Fonts and Color Picker

Let access to the huge library of Google fonts and choose any color from the color picket of your choice! The back-end provides a complete set of customizations for you.

Responsive Design

The theme is responsive, that means you need not worry whether your visitors have a 2000 px or a 650px screen!

Google Map Plugin

An inbuilt google map plugin what you can you in your contact us page with a customizable contact forum (captcha enabled)

200 Icon Set

There are 200 bootstrap icon short codes and another 50 short codes for columns and buttons. Hey! that's a hell lot of stuff

Features of the Best Magazine Wordpress Theme 2013

This theme suites any blog, whether technology related, sports, news, career! Enlisted below are some of the features that makes this theme distinct and unique from others! Should you have a query, feel free to ask me!

Customized Sidebar

This is something I personally prefer about this theme! Normally you have one sidebar which makes a sidebar static for most themes. So, if your blog makes good money from AdSense and Affiliate Ads, then you might have felt the glitch! Often, we want to show specific Affiliate Ads on the side bar when we write a review of a affiliate product or even when there is a cost per lead blog post! This issue is addressed and you'll have 4 customizable sidebars to help you out!

Four Customizable Menu Bar

There is the main menu bar for adding the categories, top menu bar for adding your pages/catagories or any other customization you wish. Additionally, there is a footer menu bar and side nagivation menu bar.

18 Widgets

There are 18 awesome Widgets to power your sidebar

Customizable Ad System for Each Post

You can customize the ad setting for each post in additional to the default ad setting.

15 Background Images and You can Add your Own

There are 15 background images to rock your blog with an additional option to put a background image for each post. Some posts are special, and you can make your audience feel that too!

10 Theme Color Options

The theme suppors 10 color formats which you can experitment from the back-end.

To sum up, a perfectly designed multi-fuctional WordPress theme that won't put you down!

Yes, it costs you only $40 and you're buying it from ThemesForest an envato MarketPlace (Should you have doubts, check the Alexa rank of ThemesForest ~180)

I bought the theme yesterday and it works perfectly fine and is without any bugs!

Price: $45

Demo and Download

In order to find the top selling items, go to the 'all files' tab on the top left and click on 'popular files' and you can see the weekly top sellers and three month top sellers!

How to Buy a Theme or Any other Item from ThemesForest

Should you find it difficult to buy this Theme, refer to this section!

It will take you 5 minutes to grab the Theme starting from clicking the Purchase button! Lets see how to proceed.

You need to create an account to make a purchase, so go ahead if you don't have any!

By now,I guess you've already checked the theme and made your mind to buy it. Now, click on the Purchase button!

You can either choose a Paypal checkout any pay by your debit card/credit card/paypal account or you can make a Prepaid deposit of the same amount by Skrill. I made a deposit through Skrill and I was credited $40 to my Themesforest Account!

I used the prepaid credit to purchase the theme by just a simple click. It was available for download!

Post download, you can use the theme on your blog and access the support forum at time for inquires related to your theme!

Here is a complete tutorial explaining how to purchase a premium theme at Themesforest

Worth an Investment

This is worth an investment and I've used a lot of themes both free and paid (Woo themes, Studiopress) and I had to add a lot of plugins! But the case is entirely different with this theme! You've need to deactivate all your plugins if you install this in an existing blog, because, the theme is so complete in itself, it hardly needs any plugin (maybe 5 or 6 instead of 18 or 20)

My Favorite Free WordPress Theme

I'm using Cnews and it did increase my CTR for AdSense Ads. If you're looking for some free themes instead, I suggest you keep Cnews in your watch-list to purchase it somewhere in the future!

Check out,

Handpicked 'Free' Premium like WordPress Themes


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