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Art Sketching Materials: The Best Of Drawing Papers And Sketch Pads

Updated on May 11, 2012

Drawing Paper Best Pads To Buy

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As mentioned above there are varying types of drawing paper and finding the ones that you could be comfortable in using is the best thing to look for and be happy using the best drawing paper that's right for you.

Many drawing papers come in different weights and surface types, but it really is up to you, I personally draw on anything although I rarely draw much on recycled paper as the texture is rather rough and just annoys me, although I have been known to sketch on recycled paper due to a low budget and sometimes you've got to do your bit for the environment.

I prefer the paper that is totally white and with a smooth feel to it so that the pencil seems to glide across the paper page. There are spectacular grades of paper available to buy that doesn't cost as much as the ones from the premium art supply shops.

The Strathmore paper range is very good value, because you can buy almost any size you want for whatever projects you have and they sell these on Amazon, which makes it easier for you to obtain them.

Any paper that has enough tooth to bite off sufficient particles from a drawing material, such as graphite, to form a visible mark could be called a drawing paper.

However, to be considered good, a drawing paper must be durable enough to take repeated erasure without serious damage to the surface. In watercolor painting, the brush is the most important component; in oil painting, it is the paint; in drawing, it is the paper.

Each artist should make his or her own experiments and comparisons among the varieties available in the major categories of drawing papers-bristol, charcoal/pastel, drawing/sketching, bond, and graphics papers. Even a simple pencil line will appear totally different on different brands of the same type of paper.

This category is broken down into five basic groups: bristol, charcoal and pastel, drawing and sketching, bond, and graphics paper. Bristol is the strongest, most durable,, all-purpose drawing paper available. But, because of the widespread use of cotton-synthetic blends in the garment industry, there is an increasing shortage of raw materials for production of this paper. Charcoal and Pastel Papers are essentially interchangeable.

The selection of the finish and the color of a charcoal or pastel paper is even more important than the selection of the drawing materials since the finish of the paper determines the appearance of the artwork.

I tend to just draw on office printing paper as this is fairly cheap and can be good for those on a budget when creating artworks of any kind. So office printing paper is one good alternative, as is the recycled paper as that is inexpensive and can be great for initial sketching.

Drawing Paper For Artists

Drawing paper for artists - Consider using computer printing paper for quick sketch ideas as you can buy a pack of over 100 sheets.
Drawing paper for artists - Consider using computer printing paper for quick sketch ideas as you can buy a pack of over 100 sheets.

What's Your Best Paper To Draw & Sketch On?

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    • 2uesday profile image

      2uesday 7 years ago

      Book marked this as it is a useful hub to refer to in future. I especially liked the paragraph about the paper being most important in drawing etc. thank you.

    • waynet profile image

      Wayne Tully 9 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      I'll draw on almost anything and when I see slight imperfections in the paper then this makes me see things to draw anyway, so office printing paper is the best paper for me in regards to this.

      Cheers for the comments!

    • laringo profile image

      laringo 9 years ago from From Berkeley, California.

      Thanks waynet, there are so many choice sometimes that it's hard to make your mind up. These tips and recommendations you share are very good. A thumbs up is in order and this Hub wiill be bookmarked.