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The Cabinetmaker

Updated on February 11, 2018

The Cabinetmaker


From the Cradle to the Grave...

From cradle to grave, a cabinetmaker is an essential part of our lives whether we are aware of it or not. Cabinets and furniture like buffets and hutches and many other products that are made from wood are all around us. The Cabinetmaker is not only responsible for cabinets. The aspect of cabinetmaking covers many areas such as furniture making, and must know the importance of how the materials are to be used during the manufacturing processes. Metal working, upholstery, working with glass and plastics / foams along with all types of finishes are just some things a cabinetmaker must know. Mould making and form / pattern building are key signs of a true craftsmen and the true cabinetmaker will be accomplished in all these fields.

Kitchen Cabinetmaking


The Cabinetmaker

Many seem to think that cabinetmaking is easy and can be done by the do it yourself-er. In most instances its quite true. But...for the most part lets say a kitchen cabinet is just a box with a door. True...however, if the dimensions and the door sizing's are incorrect, you've just waisted not only your time, but money as well. The art of cabinetmaking goes back many years and the cabinetmakers popularity, European practices, and experience have made the challenge for the cabinetmaker satisfying. To endured the proper apprenticeship program, involves the learning practices under a Journeymen and accomplishing the trade in several years approximately. There are many aspects in cabinetmaking and critical calculations along with many forms of joinery that takes many years and practice to learn, obtaining true quality.

Do You Know One?

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Is The Art Of Cabinetmaking Lost?

With the computer age and its demand, is the art of cabinetmaking lost? Is there anyone learning the trades anymore? The actual hands on work may be getting less popular and more of the young people are leaning towards the computer era. This is leaving alot of space open for tradesmen but nobody to fill the spots.




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