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The Camera in My Head - Beautiful Springtime Photos

Updated on February 10, 2015

How to focus on flowers

If you are using a fancy camera with either a programmable or turning focus feature... it is easy to make something in the foreground appear in focus while all else is blurry.

Some cameras with pre-programmed features will have a little flower icon which will tend to focus on something closer, and is designed primarily for flower photography.

If you are using a camera with a touch screen, all you have to do is tap the area where the flower is, and all else will be blurry. This causes a great effect in photos.

If you have an instant or snap-n-shoot camera, there is a possibility that everything will be in focus... and the blurry background will not be possible.

Take a look at the following photographs of flowers and see if you can tell what kind of camera was used to take each.

Springtime is a time of beautiful flowers

Jenny Lake, WY
Jenny Lake, WY | Source
Pansy | Source
Snapdragon | Source
English Iris
English Iris | Source
Painted Tulip
Painted Tulip | Source

Springtime animals

Sometimes you get lucky and an animal will stay still just long enough for you to snap a beautiful picture. My greatest lament is that my camera was out of battery when the most amazing picture opportunity came to view.

There had been a fire in the distant mountains, so the sunset filled the sky with fire colors as it reflected off of the smoke in the air. A beautiful four point buck with full velvet on his antlers stood on a hill about 10 yards away in full view. The sunset behind him was reflecting off the velvet antlers with a golden brilliance. It was breathtaking!

He stood there looking at me as if to say, "Why don't you take a picture? I'm waiting." Then the moment was gone.

Lesson: NEVER let your camera or phone die... ALWAYS be ready to snap that perfect picture or it will haunt you FOREVER! :)

Springtime animals

Ground squirrel, Zion's National Park
Ground squirrel, Zion's National Park | Source
Swan, Cottonwood Heights, UT
Swan, Cottonwood Heights, UT | Source
House Finch, Draper, UT
House Finch, Draper, UT | Source
Lion's Mane Jellyfish, Normandy, France
Lion's Mane Jellyfish, Normandy, France | Source
Quail family, Sandy, UT
Quail family, Sandy, UT | Source
Young elk buck, Yellowstone, WY
Young elk buck, Yellowstone, WY | Source

Springtime mountains are beautiful

Twin Peaks, Sandy, UT
Twin Peaks, Sandy, UT | Source
Spring run off, Little Cottonwood Canyon, UT
Spring run off, Little Cottonwood Canyon, UT | Source
Angel's Landing, Zion's National Park, UT
Angel's Landing, Zion's National Park, UT | Source
Half Dome, Yosemite, CA
Half Dome, Yosemite, CA | Source

Sharing the joy

Once you capture the beauty of spring... be sure to share it. The gift of sight is exquisite and sharing it only brings joy.

Flowers pushing their way upward, seeking the sun. The sounds of birds calling to each other, nesting and flittering about. These things make springtime exciting and new. A celebration at the end of winter and the promise of renewed growth.

Now, go out and snap!

Watch for more photographs and photography tips

How did you like these pictures? Would you like to see more like them?

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    • Greensleeves Hubs profile image

      Greensleeves Hubs 

      3 years ago from Essex, UK

      You have some nice photos here Lurlynn, particularly some of the landscape pictures. And I like the swan - not easy to get clarity on both the white of the swan's body and the comparatively dark water - exposure often presents a problem in those circumstances.

      The note about the battery is certainly worth heeding - I always take a spare camera when I go away on vacation, as it would spoil it for me if anything happened to my camera and I couldn't get any pictures at all. And wherever I go, I will always have a spare, fully charged battery too. I hate missing out on the opportunity of a good photo! Best wishes, Alun


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