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Ideas for Easy to Make Cards with a Cricut Personal Paper Cutter Machine

Updated on March 1, 2016

My creativity knows no bounds with the Cricut® Create™ Personal Electronic Cutter Machine at my fingertips, I have so many cricut card ideas already. Before buying, I reviewed the different Electronic Cutter Machines for their different features, reviews, and quality; and the best was any of the Provo Craft's Cricut cutter machines, such as the Create or the Expression. Cricut's parent company, Provo Craft, has been in business for over forty years and has developed a number of different products to help us create memorable projects. The magic of a Cricut machine is the use of Cricut cartridges (the cartridge plugs into the machine) instead separate dies, and there are over one hundred cartridges to choose from. My Cricut electronic cutter machine, the Cricut Create, has been used in so many ways, from scrapbooking, card making, stencil designs, and for creating designs for my sewing projects.

Using the Cricut Create Machine is very easy. The first day, right out of the box, I was able to create, using the Don Juan Cartridge included with the cutter, my granddaughter's name for her bedroom door with 2 hearts and snowflakes to accent it. All the designs I cut are beautiful and so intricate.

You will want to invest in a few scrapbooking supplies such as cardstock 12"x12" paper in order to practice. Scrapbooking papers are available at Scrapbook stores such as Michaels, A.C. Moore and at big box department stores. Ideas for simple projects can be found at along with inside each Cricut Cartridge box.

Arrival and set-up of the Cricut

It's finally here, my Cricut Create machine. After unpacking it, I inserted the cutting cartridge, plugged it in, put my paper on the special mat and began creating...about 10 minutes after arrival. It is so easy, nothing complicated in the setup. The designs I cut were beautiful and so intricate, right from the beginning. One helpful hint for those of you buying a Cricut; purchase a self-healing cutting mat. The mat makes life much easier when trimming some areas of your designs.

The Cricut card ideas I have for future projects include making my own greeting cards such as an Easter Card and later in the year I am sure I'll have alot of Christmas Card ideas. I also hope to create some scrapbook layouts; all easy to make using my Cricut Machine and one of the many Cricut Cartridges available.

A Beautiful Cartridge to have

Sweethearts Cartridge

For Valentine's Day, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Just Married or any holiday where you want to express love and caring, the Sweethearts Cartridge for a Cricut Personal Cutting Machine is fantastic. I just spent some time cutting out the sweet little Valentine Cherubs included. 

I have used the Cricut Sweethearts Cartridge for so many projects to date, the sentiments often work perfectly for other types of cards, such as an invitation to a party I did recently.

My First Card: A Happy Birthday Card

1/10/11: I have created my first card and it was so much fun and easy to do.

  1. Purchase premade (it is very inexpensive to buy a box of multi colored cards with envelopes) or fold cardstock to make a 4x5 1/2" card, or a card size of your choice.
  2. From the Cricut Cartridge: Sentimentals I chose the Owl design. I cut the main body from one color, the eyes and corresponding parts from other colors using: Blade Depth #2, Pressure: Medium, and a 4 1/2" size to go with my 4x5 1/2" card.
  3. Keep in mind most papers come with a contrasting color on the back; therefore, for some pieces you can simply choose the "Flip" button to get the piece correct in a different color.
  4. Glue the pieces onto your card, remember some pieces go on before others, so refer to the picture often.
  5. Then I stamped (yes the D is backward, being my first card) the words "Happy Birthday" on top. I used single rubber letter stamps and little stamp pads, available at any scrapbook supplies store.

This was a very simple card to make and used a fun Cricut design; however, I could have added embellishments such as bows, beads, or eyelets but I find that scrapbooking stickers, although nice in a scrapbook so as not to add depth, are not great for a Cricut card.

Handy Hints and How-To's


Did you know that each cartridge purchased comes with a Cricut Rewards Certificate. So far each one has been worth 90 points and there are items including cartridges available to redeem points for.


As you learn the sizes and cutout methods, you could waste alot of paper; however, go to a big discount chainstore, one stocking scrapbooking supplies and buy a package of 12"x12" cardstock in White; it is usually around $5, cut to size for your Cricut and practice.

Self Healing Mat:

Purchase a self-healing cutting mat. The mat makes life much easier when trimming some areas of your designs.

The Blades:

For Cutting Shapes & Designs from cloth with your Cricut personal electronic cutter machine make sure that you use a designated blade. By that I mean, take one blade and use it only for cloth because cutting paper actually dulls blades.

Cutting Cloth:

To successfully cut cloth, in addition to the designated blade, make sure you use a stiff iron-on backing and a clean panel to stick the cloth on for cutting. I successfully cut out a Butterfly and a Bee.

Wax Paper:

A necessity when you are making cards, I think. When you have glued every part onto the front of the card, then on the inside, place a small piece of wax paper inside and over the front before you place a heavy object on it to have it dry flat.


Get a bottle of Clear Gel Tacky Glue for your paper projects. It is easy to apply and dries clear. Use the glue very sparingly, taking care that none of it "oozes" out, this could cause your card to bend after drying. Other versions of adhesives are sold on too.

How to extend the life of your Cutting Mat:

Your Cricut comes with a tacky cutting mat, it holds the paper in place during the cutting. Always store that mat with the plastic cover that came with it and after cutting be sure to remove any traces of paper. I use the Spatula which came with the Cricut Essentials Kit. There are ways to renew your cutting mat but I haven't tried any of them at this time.

Cute Gift Tags for any occasion

What you Need

  1. Cartridge: Don Juan
  2. 2 Sheets of Coordinating Paper 6" x 12"
  3. Clear Tacky Glue

Gift Tags

  • Load the paper into the Cricut Create, choose the Gift Tag on the "L" key of your template. Make sure you use it with either "shadow" or "under pressure shadow".
  • Use 2 1/2" size, medium pressure, and Auto Fill for settings. Now let this amazing little machine cut an entire page of Gift Tags.
  • Unload Paper

To, From, and an embellishment Printing

  • Load your coordinating color of the same size paper. Choose "To" and "From" from page 81 of your book, with which of the setting you prefer. I used the "shadow" setting. Also choose a small embellishment if you'd like. I used a Snowflake but there are many others in this cartridge and others to choose from.
  • Use 1/2" for each, medium pressure and Auto Fill settings. Now you can cut either an entire page of the To, From, and embellishment or just enough for the Gift Tags you have ready.
  • Again the Cricut Create will cut your designs.

Putting the Gift Tag together

Carefully punch out your Gift Tags and the words you have printed. Usually they come loose very easy. For difficult areas, I use my seam ripper I have for sewing and the Spatula that comes with the Cricut Essentials Kit. With the Clear Tacky Glue press the words and design on each tag. Then leave until dry.

Now you have a cute little Gift Tag for your gift.

Thank You Card

I just made two Thank You Cards with my Cricut Create.  Using the Sentimentals cartridge I printed out the words "Thank You" .  I was able to use the words two times; once with the actual words cut out and also I saved the Outline of "Thank You" to use again.  Then I printed out two of the "Card 1" outlines, (2nd from the left on the bottom row of the key pad).

Taking two cards; I glued the outlines on, then glued the words Thank You and the outline Thank You. 

I then stamped the names of the recipients to the front and wrote my personal thank you inside.

Love Bug Valentine Card

This card features a sweet little layered bug and was fairly easy to make. I used the Simply Charmed cartridge and Don Juan cartridge for the entire card.

I've found a great sturdy cardstock available at JoAnns Fabrics called Foundations with a Canvas Texture. Measuring 12"x12"; Color Name "Merry". Fold 12x12 Paper in half and cut 3 cards: 2- 3 1/2"x6" and 1 4 1/2" x 6"

The Bug's body includes 5 different cuts. Refer to the picture for color suggestions. I chose to make the body printed on my card. For heavy paper such as Foundations, use a depth of #3 to cut; for regular cardstock use a depth of #2.

Cut the verse using 1" letters; Cut depth #3; Letter are tricky to remove and glue so go slow.

Cut the Bug Body background using "Shadow" at 3" size.

Cut next Bug Body layer using "Layer 1" at 3" size.

Cut top Bug Body layer using "Layer 2" at 3" size.

Cut top layer, the Heart, using "Layer 3" at 3" size. The machine will size the heart correctly.

Cut the word "Love Bug" twice, using contrasting colors, 1" size.

Glue the various parts to your card and you are finished and ready to add a personal note inside.

One issue with this card was the use of too much glue on the very small letters, just a tiny dot will affix the letters.

Cricut Essentials Kit for Cricut Cutting Machines
Cricut Essentials Kit for Cricut Cutting Machines

A great starter kit for the Cricut. Included are 2 6x12 cutting mats, 1 pad of paper, 1 pad of cardstock, spatula, paper trimmer with 2 replacement blades, and a 7 piece tool kit which includes: scissors, scraper, scoop, clear ruler, knife, hook, and a bone folder all in a zippered carrying case.

With these tools, you can finish your intricate designs by poking out tiny pieces of paper, removing unwanted specks, and make additional trims on your designs.



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    • sunbun143 profile image

      sunbun143 6 years ago from Los Angeles, CA

      Well-written and clear overview. I have the cricut create also. Linking to this article so my friends can check it out.

    • profile image

      lins29 6 years ago

      My husband bought me a Cricut and I still dont know how to use it. This was a big help! Thanks!