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The Endless Array of Scrapbooking Supplies

Updated on August 23, 2009

It's Fun To Shop For Scrapbooking Supplies!

There are an abundance of scrapbooking supplies available today; so determining what you actually need may be difficult. It's best to just buy a few basic scrapbooking supplies to get started and then slowly add some versatile scrapbooking embellishments like buttons, ribbon and die-cut shapes that can be incorporated into many different layouts. Any scrapper would love to have hundreds of different scrapbook supplies but it can be difficult to keep everything organized and they can take up a lot of storage space!

A few basic scrapbooking tools to get you started include the following:

Cutters: trimmers, scissors and a self-healing cutting mat
Applicators: paintbrushes, sponges, or cotton swabs
Tweezers: for placing tiny embellishments
Page piercers: necessary if you plan to use brads or eyelets
Bone folder: for scoring and folding
Cork-back metal ruler: for clean cuts

Scrapbooking supply kits make great gifts!
Scrapbooking supply kits make great gifts!

Plan For The Scrapbooking Supplies You Will Need

When you're planning a scrapbooking layout, purchase just the papers and cardstocks you need for that design, as well as any *scrapbook embellishments* you want to use. This saves you from buying excess scrapbook supplies that take up valuable storage space and that you may never actually use.

Once you've managed to accumulate extra supplies, you'll need somewhere to store them. There are many tailored scrapbook organizers like work stations and desks, but they can be a bit pricey. Check local retail and discount stores for plastic drawer units on wheels. They are perfect for storage and can be moved closer to your work table, within ease of reach. For portable storage, there are many styles of plastic organizers or file boxes that protect your supplies from damage. They're perfect for transporting supplies to a scrapbooking party!

A few basic tools will get you started.
A few basic tools will get you started.

Scrapbooking Supplies Start With An Album

The most common size of scrapbook album is 12" x 12", but the size you choose depends on your design layout. Other available sizes include 6" x 6", 8" x 8" and 8.5" x 11" and you'll find many scrapbook cardstock and paper to fit each size. Small scrapbook albums make great gifts for beginners or children, or fill it with photos and give it to a special friend.

When you do choose a scrapbook album, check whether it comes with sheet protectors and whether it's refillable. You may need to purchase extra pages if you decide to expand your album.

There are many new and exciting supplies to experiment with!
There are many new and exciting supplies to experiment with!

Experiment With New Scrapbooking Supplies!

 One of the greatest purchases for scrapbooking is the all-inclusive scrapbooking kit! Each kit contains all the items needed to complete a one or two-page spread. Having everything you need in that one package can save you a lot of money that would be required to purchase each element separately. They are also a great way to try out new embellishments or techniques that perhaps you've hesitated to attempt.

It's always fun and exciting to check out the newest scrapbooking supplies as they come out, or to research online for different scrapping techniques. But remember to stick with the plan; only buy what you need as you design each page. Your wallet will thank you!

How To Choose Essential Scrapbooking Supplies

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