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The Essence Of Life Is Song And Dance

Updated on March 22, 2010

Natural perception about the essentials of human life

In the human nature there is an inclination to like a relaxed all-encompassion awareness of sensations, feelings, atmospheres and landscapes of atmosphere sensations. Those are the natural ground upon which we build our picture of the world. Those are the source of the surest type of information.

Because of the evolution or by god's wisdom, our nature guides us to notice especially the most essential matters that concern life most deeply.

It is in our nature to enjoy communication which tells of the most important major questions in life. Those touch our feelings most deeply. Sometimes it is a wise beautiful perspective to life which brings solutions, an ease to admire and to copy from. Sometimes it is emotional wisdom of how to cope with the big matters of life. It is the reason why we enjoy art.

The Song of Life

The natural perception about life in its entirety is in the form of atmospheres. Thoser turn easily to melodies:

The light, hopeful atmosphere tones are high notes. While the dark, depressed or down-to-earth atmosphere tones are high notes. These notes form melodies as our atmosphere sensations vary over time: you live in a landscape of atmospheres, in a landscape of music.

From those naturally born songs you can pick melodies to communicate to others too... You have learned to compose!

My dog listens to the intoxicating music of wild birds and insects

Increasing the richness of atmospheres in Your life

Relax in a lively way, like is typically if you enjoy spending time in the nature or even if you look at an ordinary tree.

Relaxing in a lively way makes life richer with atmosphere tones and is the natural way of humans to function: good for any job at hand. And the richness of atmospheres is the source of natural music of life!

Life is Dance!

If you really understand something fully, you immediately react to it with your feelings and with your whole being. Feelings tie your understanding to practical action according to that understanding.

To be alive, means to react! And that reaction is always physical: the feelings that motivate us transform our physical being according to each situation. Even thoughts are tied to understanding, to reacting - physically that is! Without the physical emotional reaction your understanding is of no use.

So all action, also thinking, is essentially physical action. The essentiality of a thought is reflected on the strength of the feelings that it creates and thinking itself is much like seeing and doing handicrafts.

So all action is essentially physical action driven by some emotional motivation and done according to one's idea of the situation. Those perceptions when done in the best way that is natural for us, form a rich landcsape of atmospheres. A landscape of music! And the emotional motivation is another song that we dance by. So all action is dance in essence!

The better we react, the more natural and wise our reaction is, the more beautiful and enjoyable our dance becomes...


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