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The Five Best Smelling Yankee Candles: Something for Everyone

Updated on January 23, 2011

Yankee Candles are probably the most well known candle in the world. I may be a little off by saying in the world but it's definitely has to be the most popular candle in the history. The amount of scents just makes your nose go into over drive. From strawberry shortcakes to walks on the beach and odd ones like Clean Linens and Storm Watch yes weird names and smells but it's a aroma unlike any other plain Jane candle you burn. I want to walk through my favorite Yankee candle scents. Here are my top five let me know what you think.

Yankee Candle French Vanilla

You can't start anything off with of the Classic scent of French Vanilla this brings me back to my childhood and my mom would make french vanilla homemade ice cream and this was this smell. It brought me back as soon as I smelled it. Also Yankee Candle's french vanilla just seems a lot more smooth on your nose and doesn't seem to overpowering for anyone.  These long-burning candles deliver 110-150 hours of candlelight and great room filling smells.

Blueberry Yankee Candle Jar

Next best smelling Yankee candle would be Blueberry Yankee Candle Jar Candle, these are very rare and I can usually only fin them on these are so delicious smelling that it makes me want to eat the candle sometimes.  I know I'm not the only one that thinks that sometimes.  The other great thing about Jar Yankee candles is that it fills the room quite fast but not so strong that it's overpowering, it's just the right amount.  So theirs my number 2 favorite blueberry Yankee candle is a must have for the house and a great candle for all parts of the year.

Lily Of The Valley Yankee Candle Jar

Lily of the valley by Yankee candle is another favorite of mine.  I like it because it's that nice floral smell that can be burned at any time and is a great smell for the house when inviting guest over for entertainment.  It makes you feel like you're wondering through a lily field and the smell is great.  This also makes a great fragrance candle gift for someone your not sure what to get for.  It's not to fruity or to over powering.  This is why I love the Lily of the Valley Yankee candle

Creamy Caramel Yankee Candle

Do you like caramel?  I do and if you do you'll love this candle Yankee Candles Creamy Caramel Candle has your mouith watering for some warm caramel or for some caramel candy.  This is a another favorite number 4 of mine because it makes great gifts for me to receive and to give.  I love recieving this candle for a gift because it's a great smell that is a perfect kitchen or living room smell.  You won't regret getting this candle, you'll get compliments on it as well as your own enjoyment.  Grab a Creamy Caramel Yankee candle today.

Maple Pancakes From Yankee Candle

Like sunshine on a country morning, this pure, buttery sweet maple aroma warms the heart and soul.  These maple pancakes Yankee candle will have you wondering who is cooking pancakes in your house.  The candle has a burn time of about 110-150 hours.  That's a long time.  This candle brings back memories of coming downstairs at my grandmas and her making maple pancakes from scratch.  This is my number 5 favorite because it's a very realistic smelling candle not the fake smell or you can tell its artificial like some other candles from other companies that's why I love this candle as part of my top 5.  The Maple Pancakes Yankee Candle is Amazing.

What's Your Favorite Yankee Candle?

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