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The Five Best Themes for Baby Books

Updated on May 7, 2013

I usually don't like labeling lists "the best". In fact it annoys me seeing the large number of lists on he Internet. However, I feel confident calling these the five best because really there are not that many themes you can use in baby books. If you can think of others I'd love to hear your ideas. Moreover, I have provided more than just the themes. You will also find specific ideas and samples to help get you started. Hopefully, these will get your creative juices flowing and you will soon have a gorgeous baby book.

I've edited out the name and date but this is the page I used for my second daughter's baby book.
I've edited out the name and date but this is the page I used for my second daughter's baby book. | Source

What are Little Girls or Boys Made Of?

You are probably familiar with the poem:

“What are little boys made of?
What are little boys made of?
Snake and snails
And puppy-dogs’ tails,
That’s what little boys are made of.

What are little girls made of?
What are little girls made of?
Sugar and spice
And everything nice,
That’s what little girls are made of.

This is a theme that will give you a baby book with very classical images for boys or girls. Choose the stanza for your little bundle of joy and this can make a great baby book – there is a reason it’s a classic. Use the poem on your title page then expand the theme as appropriate.

For little boys stick with the images mentioned in the poem: snakes, snails and puppy-dogs. These all make ideal decorations for little boys. I should note that there are a number of versions of this poem that substitute the word snake for frogs, slugs or snigs (a Cumbrian dialect word for a small eel). If one of those images appeals to you more - than use that version instead. When choosing your colors stick with shades of blue and green – your typical “boy colors”.

When creating a book for little girls stick with very girly images like butterflies, bunnies and baby dolls for your decorations. And when deciding on color choices you can use either shades of pink or pastels. Both will work well and are very girly.

This theme will allow you to use typical baby book titles for subsequent pages (first bath, first smile, first visitors, etc.). Just stick to the color scheme and decorations mentioned above and you will have a cohesive album.

Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes

Nursery rhymes can be a fun way to decorate your baby book being so quintessentially baby-like in nature. It will also make it entertaining to read to your child when he or she is a toddler.

The idea is fairly simple to understand, although it takes more work to implement. For each page, or group of pages, choose a nursery rhyme and pair it with appropriate pictures.

One example would be pairing “An apple a day” with pictures about doctor’s visits and apples for decorations. You could also pair “Come to the Window” with pictures of your baby at night or your baby’s yawns. Frame the pictures in "windows" and use moons and stars for decorations. “Dance to Your Daddy” could pair with your baby learning to walk – particularly if Daddy is helping. Decorate the page with lambs or boats and fish. “Little Boy Blue” will pair nicely with sleeping baby boys. Decorate the page with sheep, cows and/or trumpets. “Wee Willie Winkie” will pair with any child in pajamas. You could either decorate it with the silhouette of a town or images of pajamas and beds.

For other nursery rhyme options try Zelo’s Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes. It has an extensive list of rhymes.


Noah’s Ark and Baby Animals

Noah’s ark or more generically baby animals are both common baby themes that will pair nicely with either gender. Moreover, this theme can be paired with virtually any color scheme. Craft stores sell cuddly baby animal stickers in a variety of color schemes from pastels to jewel tones.

Pair your animals with your pictures to enhance your theme. For example pair ducklings with the first bath. Giraffes can be paired with growth charts. Lambs pair well with nap time pictures. Foals (baby horses) pair well with learning to walk. Kittens or puppies are good decorations for playtime.

A sample title page could be “Like a Gift from God David arrived on March 14th.” “Like a Gift from God” would curve over a rainbow. Your child’s name would be printed on the rainbow. His or her picture would go under the rainbow. “Arrived on” and the date would be under your child’s picture. And the vital statistics could be written on the clouds.

Or you could say "A New Arrival at the Smith Zoo". Frame your child's picture in a zoo gate. Put the name and vital statistics under the picture and decorate with baby "zoo" animals. Or if you had the time and cooperation and wanted to be extra cute, dress-up your family as zoo workers and place small cutouts of them on the title page and throughout the book.


ABCs of Baby Books

Using alphabet block letters to title each page can make an engaging baby book. A for Arrival, B for bath, C for cousins, etc. (For other letter ideas visit my hub about creating an alphabet book.) Do not feel the need to have a page for every letter. If you wish to skip several letters, simply make a stack of blocks on the page. For example you could stack X, Y and Z for zoo.

For the title page use your child’s name and baby book of ABCs with the letters A, B and C in alphabet block print. For example Jonathan Matthew’s Baby Book of ABCs. Put your child’s name at the top, the picture of your child in the middle and baby book of ABCs at the bottom.

Wild Quotes

“Baby it's a wild world” Cat Stevens

“Born to be wild” Steppenwolf

“…I want to be where it’s wild…” Karen Allen

“Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair...” Susan Polis Schutz

“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air.” Unknown

“Love is the one wild card.” Taylor Swift

“She’s a wild one running free” Faith Hill

“Take a walk of the wild side.” Lou Reed

“We need the tonic of wildness…” Henry David Thoreau

“Wild thing, I think I love you” Troggs

“Wild make my heart sing…” Troggs

Wild at Heart Jungle Theme

A final baby book option to consider is the wild jungle theme. Pair jungle animals, animal print and shades of green and brown with quotes about being wild. The animal print can be used as either the decoration or a page background.

The zoo title page mentioned above can also be used here. Or consider using the song lyrics "Born to be Wild" on your title page. Mat your picture in animal print and use animal print for the letters of your title.

I have included a few "wild" quotes to get you started.

Hopefully, you have found a little inspiration to help you create the perfect baby book for your little bundle of joy.

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