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The Foreclosed Mortgage of the Jetty Rock

Updated on March 6, 2012

This is another piece I did a bit ago, combined with a series of ocean photos. Since my family has relocated from Southern California to Northeastern Georgia a few months ago, I frequently get asked what I miss the most. First, even though the computer and Facebook age lets me stay in touch with friends and family, there are people I miss intently. But once that is said, in all honesty, I miss the Pacific Ocean. I wrote this as a challenge piece in 2008, when I took a creative writing class. But it expresses something deep within my core, that deep relationship and connection I feel with nature, and especially with water venues-----ocean, rivers, and lakes. Fortunately, Northeastern Georgia is a beautiful area----replete with rivers and lakes. I'm looking forward to making their acquaintance as the weather warms up, but I still have a strong and inevitable connection to the Pacific Ocean. So here's a tribute to that, complete with photos! As always, these are all original works, and I retain my copyright to the poetry and digital photography. Enjoy!!!

“The Foreclosed Mortgage of the Jetty Rock”

I am captivated
by the ebb and flow of shadows
breaking along the jetty
like the waves that have been
released from the passing storm.

The inevitable debris washes
past my waiting feet
like the churned up bits and pieces
of my life,
in and out
of my written words.

Time claims his ownership
on the mortgage of my life,
just as he takes over
the title to the jetty's rocks.

He cycles these rocks
from mountain to harbor to sand,
letting each grain
to be within the wave
swept out to sea
to be reborn.

And I wonder if these words,
written here under the influence
of sea and wave and wind,
will remain
to tell the story of what I have heard
whispered within this inexorable flowing,
or will these words rest in sleep,
remaining soft and silent
along the seabed floor?

poem Copyright 02-15-08
Cynthia Shubert-Jett

photo compilation:03-06-12

Photos copyrights:Oceanside Fire and Beach folder:11-07-08; Oceanside Harbor-beach Series 03-22-09 ;Ocean's Child copyright 04-20-09---Cynthia Shubert-Jett

All rights to photos and poetry retained by Cynthia Shubert-Jett


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