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The Graffiti Wars - Scene 2

Updated on May 5, 2012

The Graffiti Wars - Scene 2

After their masterpiece of the early morning was done and perfected, the all-night diner beckoned. Back in the corner booth they sat and reflected. The situation was becoming serious. What had once been a misdemeanor was now getting you killed. The subleties of change in society and the law were reaching an apex. Baldble and his crew knew that this had to BE the apex. Time to slide down the other side into back to what makes sense.

"Another explosion! Tell me, look me in the eye and tell me, that YOU are being careful in your lab, Baldble!! whisper shouted Jet at Baldble. She said this with a look of concern for the man who had caught the young girl Jet taggin' at night by herself and took her into his crew. She was forever grateful and felt safe now. She didn't want to think about life without him. "Don't worry, Jet." said Baldble seeing the fear in her eyes. "You forget I'm a chemistry major. I'm concocting a new spray paint formula from some new ingredients that are still yet untampered. I have to stay one step ahead of The Chosen. Too many people are dyin'!"

"Graffiti is art! Outlawin'spray paint is crap!" yelled Bail a little too loudly. "I like the challenge. They will never stop us." whispered Primer with a smirk on his face.

Late afternoon the next day, Baldble is in his lab. The lab is indiscreet on the outside. It looks beaten up and vacant. The three flat has amatuer graffiti all over the outside on purpose. It acts as camouflage. The inside looks like a high school chemistry lab on steroids. He puts in the time and research to his protect his craft. That's why he is the best...and the most counted on. The underground of the city, his fellow artists and his crew look to him as their leader. He is their hope and he knows it. It's a huge burden to bear but he accepts it proudly!

There are schematic diagrams and personal notes on the walls and all the usual lab equipment...x 10. Computers, about a dozen in all, monitor the outside, monitor the police chatter, and peruse the internet. Baldble is in the process of mixing a batch of his new ingredients for his new SuperPaint when an explosion set off by this combination of ingredients blows out the windows, sends glass flying, and sends Baldble fading into nothingness.

Read the hub "The Beginning" and the hub "Scene 1" before reading Scene 2.


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