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The Graffiti Wars - Scene 4

Updated on May 15, 2012

The Graffiti Wars - Scene 4

They are walking in the silence of the night through the concrete jungle destination nowhere in particular. There is a lot of peace in not being boxed in. Awake when you want, sleep when you want. The lifestyle that lets the mind be free and wander. Creativity not being stifled by such nuisances as I've GOT to get to sleep because I've GOT to get up and go do something I don't enjoy. Such lifestyles of necessity are the genesis of such sayings as Humpday and TGIF. Happy hour as the beginning of my somewhat meaningless existence. Free is the way to be. Oh how the mind opens up when it doesn't have to think about insignificant chatter like how are your numbers this quarter. That was a rant.

They start relaxing a little, goofing off, shoving each other around. Baldble starts reflecting on how he was lucky that this was just a small explosion. His precautions have paid off...with his life. "I still feel really wierd...different!" he says shaking his head as if to clear the cobwebs. "You're lucky...we're all lucky." says Jet with a smile. Bail notices a signature Baldble tag. Baldble's tag is a pair of bowling balls that have been rolled as if they were dice. Each bowling ball has a silhouette of a bald head in the middle. That's bald x 2. "What's this!?" says Bail mockingly. "What is that!?" sings Primer. "UH huh!?" Jet chimes in. They go on for a few more choruses, "What's this!?" "What is that!?" "Uh huh!?" "What's this!?" "What is that!?" "Uh huh!?" Baldble moves towards his tag "THis is the great one, they want to hate one, they'll have to wait till I'm done!" Baldble raps. He leans into his tag to own it... and disappers into it.

Three sets of eyes pop out of their heads, three sets of eyes look at one another...three sets of eyes look in astonishment, bewilderment, unbelief and all sorts of other feelings at what did/didn't/couldn't have just happened. Blair, Primer and Jet slowly and cautiously move toward the tag on the wall with hands out in front in anticipation of what they were going to feel when they touched the wall. They stopped just short of the wall, looked at each other, nodded in affirmation and touched the wall. Just paint on cement. They all knocked on it with their fist. "What the...!" "Where did he...?!" Half sentence questions followed by looks and continued pounding on the wall. Elevator button mentality. "This makes no sense!" cried Jet when suddenly Baldble falls back out of his tag on the wall. They all scream in fright at the surprise. Baldble is on the ground throwing up and completely disoriented. The three let him finish his business. Then "Do you want to explain where you just went?! yells Primer poking at Baldble just to make sure he is real. Just then a car screeches around the corner and shots start bouncing off the cement. "It's The Chosen, split up and meet back at the park!" yells Primer helping Baldble up to his feet and dragging him away as fast as he can. They split up and run. They know these streets better than anyone and have no problem escaping The Chosen. They retreat back to the shadows in the park where they always meet when they get split up.

After heavy breathing has subsided from all four, the three crew members that DIDN'T disappear into the cement wall stare at Baldble for some explanation as to the aforementioned David Copperfield expo. Baldble sees the look and sits down. The rest follow. "I don't know how it happened, I can tell you that much. It caught me by surprise in an exponential way. I fell into Tagville and it was alive! I looked up and MY bowling balls were rolling right at me...physically rolling right at me. I started running away from them. They weren't moving fast. They were like in slow motion and I could move in real time. After awhile I comprehended that speed differential and felt safe...except for the fact that I was IN MY TAG and didn't know how to get out. I started running in every direction and finally when I ran toward the bowling balls and jumped out of their way, they rolled past me and I fell out into the street. That is messed up! I didn't feel like experimenting at the time to see if I would have gotten flattened if I let the bowling balls run me over. I would think they would have some allegiance to me as their creator. All four were silent as they tried to comprehend what just went down.

Be sure to read the hubs "The Beginning" and Scenes 1-3 before you read this scene.


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