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The Graffiti Wars - Scene 6

Updated on June 7, 2012

The Graffiti Wars - Scene 6

On another side of town, The Chosen have gathered in their lair. Lower Wacker Drive had been sealed off and was now their "Bat Cave." Large cement and iron pillars to hold up the street above were every 20 feet. Guns and ammunition aplenty wrapped around these pillars like artwork. It was meant to look like artwork. Cars from the 50's and 60's and earlier generations were their preferred form of transportation. No computers in these cars. These cars you could fix yourself. The impressive list of cars included a 1938 Plymouth Coupe, a 1970 Dodge Charger and a 1968 Chevy Nova SS to name but a few. Lower Wacker Drive was obviously free of traffic and was now their own Monaco or dragstrip depending on what The Chosen were in the mood for on any given day or night. Racing cars was their sport of choice.

Tonight all the cars were parked for a very special meeting. Their current enemy was the graffiti artist. Another enemy to cross off the list. But something had happened the other night...something unexplainable. All had to know. This was a problem. This could turn the tide. The power was theirs at the moment. They did not want to relinquish it.

The leader of The Chosen had named himself "One." Arrogance extraordinaire. One was the best fighter, the best shooter, the best driver, the best looking. You might get arrogant with all those attributes. Tonight he was in front of all members of The Chosen. He waived his arm and all fell silent. Rumors of the other night had been circulating and everyone wanted to listen.

He started by saying "Don't interrupt me. I'll get to what you want to hear." He stepped back and looked into their faces to make sure that all understood. Everybody did understand. If anyone muttered a word or laughed or made any noise they knew the next place they would be was alone with One in a circle surrounded by all the others in a fight that would end whenever One felt like it. The array of injuries included death. The mood One was in tonight would add 1 to the death list. All were silent. He stepped forward again and continued.

"Planting explosive materials into the black market spray paint ingredients was genius. SO many underground spray paint lab explosions. So many deaths to those that would...not cooperate! Soon all the taggers will be dead OR to afraid to make paint. No more aerosol into the atmosphere, no more vandalism!

"Baldble is our biggest foe. Word is he is trying to formulate paints with unconventional ingredients. Constantly trying to bring chemicals unknown into the make-up of paint that we can't monitor. This is unacceptable!" he shouted while simultaneously grabbing an engine block and throwing it against the cement wall behind him.

"Some other unsettling news occurred the other night. After some reliable intel, we had Baldble and his crew within our sights and were closing in to extinguish the only persons left that could keep their cause alive. Baldble jumped into...and disappeared into a tag. I saw it with my own two eyes. My concern is twofold. Number one is..." he paused as if to replay the image in his mind and try to make sense of it. "His apparent new ability. Number two is the fact that the news of this event has spread throughout the city and they are now calling him "He Gone" because he can be gone. They are worshiping him and declaring him their leader!"

"I will not have this embarrassment. I want He Gone...gone! One million dollars to the person who captures him ALIVE!! I want to persecute him in public for all to see! Now get out to the streets and clean them up!"


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