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The Guerrilla Girls - no prisoners

Updated on February 8, 2013

Action speaks louder than words !

The Guerrilla Girls - the conscience of the Artworld

touring since 1985

"When we first spoke to the press, it was clear we needed code names to distinguish between members of the group. The day we taped NPR's Fresh Air, Georgia O'Keeffe died. It was then that it came came to us to use names of dead women artists and writers to reinforce their presence in history and to solve our interview problems. It was as though Georgia was speaking to us from the grave. So far, Frida Kahlo, Alma Thomas, Rosalba Carriera, Lee Krasner, Eva Hesse, Emily Carr, Paula Modersohn-Becker, Romaine Brooks, Alice Neel and Ana Mendieta are but a few of the famous women from history who have joined us."

Rosalba Carriera


I was introduced to the Guerrilla Girls in 1995. I was surfing the net and stumbled upon their website, which you nowadays can find at

For a moment I was speechless. I liked what I saw.

I was an art student back then, as well as a fierce feminist!

I printed out a copy of their "Advantages" poster and hung it on the wall in my studio. I still remember some the remarks made by some of my (male) professors about this poster when they visited my studio. They only strengthened my idea about the importance of the Art of the Guerrilla Girls.

I have followed the Guerrilla Girls ever since. I have read their books, which I warmly recommend to anybody, who would like to refresh their art history knowledge.

I have also collected some of the Guerrilla Girls posters here and hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Come on, we still have a lot to do!!

' reinventing the "f" word: feminism! '

The Guerrilla Girls

Artists - The Guerrilla Girls in 1985

© 1985 by Guerrilla Girls

Europe - The Guerrilla Girls in 1989

© 1989 by Guerrilla Girls

Advantages - The Guerrilla Girls in 1989

© 1989 by Guerrilla Girls, Inc.

Internet - The Guerrilla Girls in 1995

© 1995 by Guerrilla Girls, Inc.

MoMA - The Guerrilla Girls in 1997

© 1997 by Guerrilla Girls, Inc.

I'm NOT - The Guerrilla Girls in 2003

© 2003 by Guerrilla Girls, Inc.

The Guerrilla Girls - at the Venice Biennale 2005

© 2005 by Guerrilla Girls, Inc.

Naked - at the Venice Biennale 2005

© 2005 by Guerrilla Girls, Inc.

about Naked 1989


"In 1989, when the GGs did the first version of this poster, less than 5% of the artists hanging in the Modern and Contemporary Sections of New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art were women, but 85% of the nudes were female. In the fall of 2004 we went back and recounted. SURPRISE. Not much had changed. In fact, there were a few less women artists than fifteen years before!"

' Guess we can't put our masks away yet! '

The Guerrilla Girls

Oscars - at the Venice Biennale 2005

© 2005 by Guerrilla Girls, Inc.

Free - around the Shanghai 07 New International Contemporary Art Fair

© 2007 by Guerrilla Girls, Inc.

The Guerrilla Girls at MoMA 2007

' Fighting discrimination with facts, humor and fake fur! '

The Guerrilla Girls

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    • profile image

      AbbieW 7 years ago

      Thanks for making such a cool lens on such a cool group. I first learned about the GG in a women's studies class in college, and I've loved their work ever since.

    • PromptWriter profile image

      Moe Wood 7 years ago from Eastern Ontario

      This is the second time I've heard of the GG this week. Must be gaining ground.

    • BFunivcom profile image

      Allan R. Wallace 8 years ago from Wherever Human Rights Reign

      Maybe it's just we are afraid you will take over.

      Come to think of it, that could be a good thing. We won't know until we get a lot closer.

    • Franksterk profile image

      Frankie Kangas 9 years ago from California

      Too cool. Never heard of them before but I love the "don't label us" attitude. Thanks for introducing me to them. Bear hugs, Frankster aka Bearmeister aka Cat-Woman