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The Jeweler Extraordinaire ~ How Urbina Designs Rocked my World

Updated on July 5, 2011

Urbina Designs ~ The Woman Behind the Art

A short while back I wrote a piece about the remarkably talented Alba Urbina, of Moxie Metal fame. While I was at her studio that day, I couldn't keep my eyes from wandering over to one of her smaller work benches where a myriad of unfamiliar tools and gadgets kept calling my eye back to sneak a peek. Once we'd finished with the Moxie Metal part of the interview, I asked about those other work benches. She happily explained that Moxie was her secondary business; Urbina Designs her primary love. I'd already spent the better part of the day with her and thought it might be best if I came back another day to get the dish on her jewelry. She was more than happy to oblige.

A few weeks later her schedule loosened a bit and she phoned to ask when I might like to come back for another visit. The next day I returned to her studio and found her setting a little table out in the courtyard where she was laying out fresh vegetables from her organic garden, an assortment of fruits, some freshly baked bread and a bottle of chilled white wine. Talk about the hostess with the mostest!

More than just talent

We took our seats and I began the usual chit chat about how she got into making jewelry and the many years spent honing. As she spoke, I couldn't help marvel at the passion of this woman. Just as she had displayed when she spoke about Moxie Metal, now she was bubbling over with enthusiasm as she told me about her jewelry designs. I suppose it's not a big stretch, but to me, someone who has never worked with metals before, it seemed inconceivable that she could create such beautiful works of art on what seemed like opposite ends of the spectrum. Iron rod AND sterling silver? Metal sculpture AND exquisite jewelry? I'm pretty sure my mouth hung open while I listened. Thankfully, she never mentioned it. (grin)

Once we'd finished eating, she took me inside and began showing me some of the pieces she was working on. They were in various stages of completion; some were in the tumbler being polished. Others were waiting for her skilled hands to melt the metal, or fashion the settings that would hold the stones or pound the perfect little circles of silver to give them a hammered finish. There were torches and tweezers, pliers and anvils, jeweler's loupes and Dremel tools. I had no idea just how many tools a person might need to make a (not-so-simple) ring or necklace. I was utterly fascinated by the depth of her knowledge.

A few of my own treasures (by Urbina Designs)

Gifted AND Gracious

Alba Urbina is a gracious and glorious Being. She is as gifted as she is kind. So when she saw me drooling over a particular necklace, she picked it up and put it around my neck. She handed me a mirror and asked, “How do you like that one? Is it something you might wear?” I'm sure my eyes were bulging out of my head as I answered, “OH MY GOD! It is PERFECT for me!” I asked “how much”. She said, “It's a gift. You're doing all this work to get the word out about my art, I would be so happy for you to have the piece. Please take it as a token of my appreciation. I won't take no for an answer!”

Well, she didn't have to offer twice. I was thrilled to have it and honored that she wanted to give it to me. Haven't taken it off since. And I also have quite a few more pieces. I've never been big into jewelry but Alba changed all that. Her pieces are so unique, so perfectly crafted, so utterly “me”, it would be a terrible abuse to my self not to have them. No kidding.

I suppose that sounds a bit dramatic. But it's hard to find the words to explain just how beautiful her jewelry is. Add to that all her awesome energy and it's a recipe for perfection. That is, if there is such a thing.

One of my faves

Poison Ring
Poison Ring
Poison Ring (opened)
Poison Ring (opened)

Pics of art!

Even the way she shoots her photos is extraordinary. Just look at what she did for these ring shots!

Even her displays are extraordinary!

Wear Your Own

If you'd like more information on Urbina Designs and/or would like to have some of her pieces for your very own, you can find her at: Urbina Designs. Contact information is also available at the site, just in case you're wanting something in particular. Just ask. She is quite amicable to such requests!


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    • danfresnourban profile image


      8 years ago from Fresno, CA

      These are beautiful works of art. Cannot get enough of Urbina's works. Truly talented and gifted. Thanks for sharing.


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