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Best Paint Sprayer for House Exterior

Updated on October 24, 2017
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The Krause and Becker 5/8 HP 3000PSI Airless Paint Sprayer Kit

The Krause and Becker is the best sprayer available in circulation right now. The Krause and Becker Airless paint sprayer kit consists of stainless steel pick-up that prevents corrosion, a 25ft. spray hose, a gun with built-in filter and a trigger-lock to ensure complete safety. This device offers high functionality in both latex and oil paints. It has a 3000 PSI piston pump that offers better coverage and high pressure. It comes with an easy-to-use twist knob for pressure control. It also comes with a No. 517 nozzle that can be used for 12 inches to 16 inches fan width.


  • · It is user friendly
  • · It is manufactured with high quality materials.
  • · It is lightweight making it easy to carry when spraying.
  • · It can be used for project paintings and also commercial paintings.
  • · It is very easy to flush and clean.


  • · The instructions for the spray gun show a wrong model gun.
  • · The spray gun filter is difficult to detach.
  • · The 25ft. spray hose is way too short for house painting.

The Graco Magnum 261815 ProX7 Hi-Boy Cart Airless Paint Sprayer

If you need a quality airless paint sprayer, look no further. The GracoMagum paint-sprayer is an airless Horsepower device that runs off a 1500 watt generator or a 15 Amp household current. It has a maximum working pressure of 3000 PSI and delivers a maximum rating of 0.34 gallons per minute that pumps directly from 1 or 5 gallon paint containers. It also has a maximum tip size of 0.017 inch that sprays wide variations of coating from acrylics, stains to heavy latex excluding block filler, asphalt, texture-filled materials and lacquer. This device comes with a gun included SG3 and a 150ft. hose.


  • · It is easy to clean and maintain
  • · The features of this airless sprayer make it economical
  • · The pressure control is adjustable
  • · The control buttons are user friendly


  • · The 150ft. hose is too long to handle for small projects
  • · It is not meant for infrequent utilization
  • · It is not suitable for small projects

The Titan ControlMax 1500 High Efficiency Airless Paint Sprayer

The Titan ControlMax 1500 High Efficiency Airless Paint Sprayer is the industry’s best and has the longest limited warranty period of 2 years. It comes with softer spray which enhances control for a more uniform finish. Unlike other airless sprayers, this amazing sprayer has the capacity to reduce overspray up to 55%. It has a maximum working pressure of 1500 PSI and has a hardwearing pump that lasts up to three times better than other sprayers. It comes with a Sureflo pusher valve that guarantees priming every single time. The sprayer life is improved due to its easy to swap fluid section. The Titan ControlMax sprayer provides maximal control when spraying at production speed.


  • · It is easy to use and precise
  • · It produces minimal over spraying
  • · It sprays efficiently at lower pressures
  • · It is extremely affordable and very easy to clean


  • · It doesn’t come with a satisfactory length of hose
  • · It is not appropriate for spraying stain

The DUSICHIN DUS-236 Airless Paint Spray Gun

The DUSICHIN DUS-236 airless paint spray gun can be put to use on most airless paint sprayers. This spray gun has an inlet fitting of ¼ inch thread and a swivel joint. It comes with a changeable No. 517 tip and it also has a universal tip guard affixed to it. This spray gun has a maximum working pressure of 3600 PSI and comes with a four-finger trigger with soft pull. This spray gun also comes with a 100-mesh gun filter inside and a forged gun head.


  • · With this gun, painting high ceilings is easier on the wrist
  • · It gives a superb finish
  • · Its shape and design makes it very simple to use
  • · In terms of price, it is very affordable
  • · It comes with a universal tip guard attached to it


  • · The filter inside the gun handle does not fit the gun as it rattles around inside the handle

The HomeRight C800879 2800 Airless - Power-Flo-Pro-Paint-Sprayers including Hose and Gun

This is an item of great value. The HomeRight 2800 Airless - Power-Flo-Pro-Paint-Sprayer is an ideal paint sprinkler for big projects that requires high quality standard. This device is appropriate for various tasks, including interior walls, decks, fences, house sidings, ceilings and so much more. It has an operating pressure of 2800 PSI, Horsepower motor with powerful legs for firmness while spraying, and a non-sticking and wear resistantceramic inlet valve. It has a spray capacity of .908 litres (.24 gallons) per minute. It comes with a swivel for the spray gun, 50 mesh spray-gun strainer in the spray gun and a No. 515 spray tip with changeable tip for cleaning a clog quickly.


  • · It sprays paints of wide varieties, from oil, latex or water based
  • · It is easy to setup, handle and clean
  • · It is water resistant as the inlet valve is made of ceramic
  • · The spray pressure can be selected according to the requirement as the controls are user friendly.


  • · It is not suitable enough for high quality exterior painting

The HomeRight C800971 Super Finish Max Extra Fine Hvlp Sprayer

The Super Finish Max Extra Fine Sprayer is useful for wide range of paint jobs from walls, fences, furniture and cabinets with less paint thinning needed. It is used for spraying water or oil based paints like milk paint, latex paint, enamel primers, chalk type paint, varnish, stain, primer, polyurethane and clear sealer. It consists of two dissimilar air caps to help regulate the circulation of material. The pickup tube and cup vent are newly designed. It is powered by a 450 watts motor that sprays thicker paint from a 39 ounce container volume. The sprayer comes with interchangeable tips of 1.5mm, 2.0mm, and 4.0mm. The spray pattern can be adjusted from 1’’ to 12’’ wide by regulating the trigger control knob.

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