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Orbs: Spirits or Dust Particles?

Updated on July 23, 2018
Marsei profile image

I live in a suburb of New Orleans and have been writing here off and on for 10 years. I have been married 53 years to the same crazy guy.

From My Back Door

Understanding the Orbs

I am still on a quest to better understand the origination of the light orbs I capture. I have two friends who are interested, but when I call and tell them "The orbs are out," they are never able to capture them. One of my friends, though, is the "indoor orb queen." I have only two shots that were made indoors and contain orbs. One thing I have found, and it's certainly not a scientific assessment, is that when I go out looking for orbs, driving around, etc., I never find them. I persuaded my husband, Joe, to take me to one of the above-ground cemeteries in New Orleans to photograph them because I thought it would be a dramatic thing to see.

The cemeteries are not safe these days. We have had crime in all the various cemeteries during the last few years. Otherwise, I would have gone alone. Joe did the best he could to get me close from the street and I got some great shots, but no orbs. The orbs at the beginning of this hub were shot out of my backdoor. My work keeps me up till all hours at times, and I always check to see if the orbs are out. Frankie, the feral cat who has lived in my backyard for 13 years, is always slinking around, looking at me as though I'm insane as my camera flashes time after time. I have two cameras that I ordinarily use. One is a small hand-held digital and the other a very large digital that makes incredible photos. I have also ordered a very small digital for about $30 just to have another digital camera for the orb project.

The Bear Orb

Green Lake, Saskatchewan

This photo was made in Green Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada. Let me preface this by saying that I don't like my husband's hunting. I tried relentlessly to get him to stop for many, many years. We have been married for 46 years, and I'm sure he will be spending at least a month of each of our future years hunting white tail deer. He started hunting with his father when he was nine years old. I think it's "in his blood," as they say. For about ten years, he went regularly to Canada. Then when the economy went to hell in a handbasket and our income along with it, he stopped going there and now hunts in Arkansas at the camp where he began hunting when he was nine years old. The outfitter who runs the lodge where we stayed in Green Lake, Saskatchewan Canada made this photo. I had an eerie feeling when I saw it and thought of my friend Parks here on Hub Pages, who is the orb expert. I find it interesting that my husband is the one who asked me: "Do you think it's the bear's spirit?" And my answer: "I just don't know." He also asked: "What are orbs anyway?" My answer: "I don't know. I don't think anyone is certain yet."

Kenwood Orbs

Success at Last

I am especially proud of these particular orbs because I captured them at our weekend place in Kentwood, Louisiana. They are smaller than usual and unique, at least for me. My experience has been capturing larger ones. This was quite an undertaking because the snakes were crawling and my fascination with orbs only slightly overcame my fear of snakes. General Lee, my cat, was watching from the trailer window as I walking around looking for snakes and snapping photos of the sky. I wonder what was going on in his little feline head.

We have gone out looking for orbs before while in Kentwood. Once we drove into a small cemetery and I made some shots there. It caused the local police to stop and watch us for quite some time until I guess they figured we were just crazy and not dangerous. Not a single orb on all the nights we went looking, and then they appeared one night right there at the camp.

Who Rested in This Chair?

Shower of Orbs

Orbs sometimes seem to cluster around certain objects. There is a cluster around this chair, although they don't show well here. There is a particularly large orb that always appears just to the left of the swing set in our backyard. I have taken pictures of the swing set with my two camera's and the camera of a friend, and it's always there in almost the same place; that is, if the orbs are out. We discussed orbs in my lucid dreaming group at our last meeting. One of the members said that he had read an article that said that orbs are energy from within the earth. That makes sense to me. I simply wonder why sometimes they are there and sometimes not.

Crescent City Connection

Hilton Hotel

I made these photos from a patio at the Hilton Hotel in downtown New Orleans. This is the CCC, the Crescent City Connection, formerly the Greater New Orleans Bridge. I had no orbs in any other photos I took that night but, as you can see, this one is full of them.

The orbs are still a mystery to me. I like the idea that my friend talked about, that they are energy from the earth. I also like Parks' idea about them being the spirits of our loved ones coming for a visit. When I wrote the article about Margo and the Secret Society, the idea that the orbs were spiritual beings and hovered all about her seemed right to me. I'm sure at some point, science will have a definitive answer to what orbs are, but for now, they are a constant source of enjoyment and wonder for me. For the moment I have no answer for the question: What Are Orbs?


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