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God's Timeline For You

Updated on February 28, 2013

God's Timeline & Beyond

Perhaps the most resonating words any human had ever uttered to me came from my high school art teacher, "It is better to abandon a skill developed by man, than a talent given by God- Don't abandon your artistic abilities."

Many have spent copious amount of time developing themselves as photographers, designers or even as a professional in the fine arts facet of life; initially, I didn't. Truth is, after graduation my teacher's words to me became like garbage to humans-useless.

I took a U-turn in life which got me in college studying Tourism and a minor course in Web Design. Who would have thought; I never understood why I choose that career path, even whilst doing it, it didn't make sense to me, yet I did it anyways. Two years later, I'm in a classroom, not as a student, but rather, as a teacher. Who would have thought; me, a teacher. I spent four years in the classroom as such; I found it to be the most fulfilling years of my life, I couldn't imagine anything more gratifying than enabling and equipping the future (children) to be more holistically satiating, except of course spreading the word of God.

I was consumed with my occupation. For six years everything artistically inclined to me was inadvertently being subdued, or so I thought. God has a way of leading and sustaining, even when you think you are not being led. I had given up on my talent a long time ago, but God hadn't given up on his talent in me. Every decision and action I had taken were peripherals to aid in the development of who I would eventually become.

In my final year of teaching my talent found me; with much subtlety it wooed, I indulged. Upon receiving my first camera I never understood...sighs. Simply put, I was the worst kind of neophyte anyone could possibly imagine. The technicalities a person experiences with operating a Nikon D300s in manual mode with no prior experience was unfathomable. I watched YouTube videos, asked around, it was no good. Eventually I found a blog, I can't remember the name but I believe it belonged to Renato of Photoarts (photographer) from Brazil. It was equipped with a 14000 word essay which to me was like striking gold. It dealt with the basics to the most advance aspects of DSLR Photography. Within a day I had deduced the information and clung to its contents like religion.I implemented theory into practice, 2 days later I had its operation down to a putty-manipulative.

It is important that you understand that I am not implying I've mastered photography-impossible. What I did master was the understanding of my camera through the acquisition of knowledge and the implementation of such. Within this same year I resigned and established my business in photography which mainly dealt with international clients.

Then it hit me! College-Tourism-Web Design-Teaching-Spelling Bee. It finally made sense.

I never understood why I took up tourism as it wasn't my cup of tea, but God had already seen my life's timeline. The skills I learnt and people I met in this sector would be vital to the success of my business and relationships with clients. It is important that you understand this, God has already set everything in place for you to succeed, you need only delight yourself in Him.

I never understood why I took up teaching, but through it I have gained certain skills and attributes necessary to lead and establish my own identity and business.

Similarly I became the school's spelling bee coach which garnered me positive media publicity and has aided me to secure many bookings to date. This is because clients tend to be picky about not knowing who runs a photography business and can question the authority of such business despite having photographic proof online so they do their own research.

I once had a client called me and said, "Is this Adrian? Hey Adrian spell keel!" Somehow he had Googled my name in his quest for wedding photographers and came upon articles published via media houses about me. Apparently the word he gave me to spell was a word I had messed up at a local spelling bee when I was attending primary school. Henceforth a relationship was formed through spelling bee, though teaching, through my website, through tourism. It all stated with my U-turn.

Why did I take a web design course in college? It never benefited me back then and I had no thoughts of taking it on as a career. Little did I know though, 6 years later I would be designing my own website and embarking on my own SEO missions to propel my business forward.

I am grateful for the subtlety of God in my life. Everything was according to his plan. My talent was not being subdued, but rather it was being sown for future reaping. I have experienced the harshness of life first hand, and whether you believe in God or not, it won't prevent you from experience hardships.What I can assure you though, if you delight yourself in Him, He will give you the desires of your heart-Isiah 58:13

His subtlety has not ceased to impact my life. It has made me successful, yet, I am now in a phase where all my peripherals are urging me to exit photography. Short lived yes, but it seems it was only a necessary requirement much like teaching and tourism - only a step up the ladder.

Studying cinematography at the tertiary level - I've found and discovered a deeply rooted connection and have experienced a supernaturally amazing fulfillment with the depiction of life through film (Documentaries). Documenting reality whilst transcending lives through film.I have written my first script my first film, "Son of Sin" which is currently in development. This will be followed by my first documentary of many to come, "Sanctified" which deals with debunking issues surrounding the 10 commandments the Roman Catholic Church and The Sabbath.

The thing is...I document information copiously and facilely, yet passionately as if my life depends upon it. I have canned two terms for such. What I am doing now is writing (expressing), but when I am serious, I document (support with conclusive evidence as oppose to utilizing mere freedom of thought or collective assumptions).

I documented information - as was the case with my "Good Night Evolution" and "Sun Day Worship Debunked" Hubs. I have always loved to write, I write for no reason, for every reason. I write because I have nothing to do and even when I have everything to do (procrastinate). When I document information, they will be documentaries for my films. I guess you must have picked up the clues by now.

This Hub initially started out with the title, "The Photographer in You" instead of, "The Subtlety of God". It was to be based on how to be the best photographer you can through exuding creativity. I'm not sure when the transition occurred but somehow at the end I realized my information written did not reflect my title. That's God's subtlety.You sometimes don't know when it happens, it just happens. This Hub was more pertinent to His cause.

We all start with certain titles in life, and yes we write our own books (free will). But remember, God also has a book with you in it, it is up to you whether your information is being documented accordingly with His information. When something is documented, it is conclusively supported with evidence. Document your lives well.

God Bless You.

Jamaica Wedding Photographer

God's Timing


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