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The Photographer’s Apparel: “Get Photographically Dressed”

Updated on December 31, 2012
Think Tank Modular System
Think Tank Modular System | Source

Fashion photography may come to mind when thinking of the terms ‘photography’ and ‘apparel’, but in this overview it’s actually about practical apparel for the working photographer. These special pieces of apparel can be for one or all of the following reasons: protecting camera gear, shielding gear from weather elements, shielding photographer from weather elements and quick and convenient access to equipment and accessories.

Jackets, vests, ponchos, gloves, hats, and even modular systems are among the kinds of apparel that a photographer may go for. Comfort, practicality and a bit a style is all in the mix. Not to mention a low key look which may be very important for particular photographers.


Jackets with hood-caps are practical for Photographers who shoot in varied weather conditions -- especially with relation to rain or snow. You can always get a regular jacket with a hood, plus have a cap, but with certain photography jackets, you can get all 3 in 1.


Vests are very useful apparel particularly for event photographers. The less you need to drag around equipment, the better. Having your spare battery, memory card or even a filter there and ready in a pocket of your vest is very convenient. Plus, vests can look great and match with your regular clothes. With some vests you may run the risk of making you look like a soldier on guard, but it works for some folk.


Ponchos are not just any regular raincoat, and just like the special photographer’s jacket, ponchos may also have the three-in-one, i.e. raincoat + hood + cap. That’s good for both photographer and equipment.


When shooting in cold weather, these will come in very useful. Two basic things besides looking stylish to consider are: how warm they actually can make your hands as well as how comfortable they are for shooting purposes.


There are several kinds of hats that you can choose from the basic categories of caps and broad brimmed hats. (See more about hats for photographers.)

Modular Systems

These comprise of belts, vests, pouches and straps. There are modular systems developed by companies such as Lowepro and ThinkTank. They are meant to allow the photographer to have the ease of shooting while comfortably carrying around additional equipment and accessories which are quick and easy to access.

Some are so tactical looking that you may end up looking like a member of the SWAT team! These are typically geared towards event photographers who don’t have the time to lug around with a bag while shooting and who need their accessories and equipment within quick reach. You can also design your own modular system to suit your own purposes, so there’s really no ‘one size fits all’ approach. Some modular systems are quite minimal and such may suit certain purposes where you need to be ‘minimally armed’ -- such as a wedding.

Do you really need these stuff?

Unless you’re heavily into photography, some of these items may not necessarily be up your stream. In fact, you may just be well and OK with regular apparel -- those not specially designed for photographers. But if you’re into travel photography, coverage of events, sports and weddings, then a number of these listed items of may suit you. In carrying around your gear and doing your photography work you need to have comfort, practicality with a little style (if you wish).


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