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The Process Of Wood Pellet Production

Updated on August 10, 2010

The Process Of Wood Pellet Production

 Wood pellets fuel has a lot to offer.  It is more cost-effective for one and also less polluting on the environment.  For one it is more cost-effective than the fossil fuels you are probably used to so you will save on your heating costs each month.  It is more convenient as well because the wood pellets used are so small and easy to get around, instead of having to fill up your gas boiler or lug firewood around.

 The wood pellet production process is so easy in fact that you can take it on and make your own wood pellets right at home.  There are just a few steps to follow.  The first thing to concern yourself with is finding a wood pellet making machine.  These machines are quite inexpensive especially if you buy them used.

 Just be sure to check the machine over before buying it because you do not want to spend money on a pile of junk.  Once you have your machine the only other thing you really need is supplies to make the wood pellets.  You can concoct your own medley of whatever you want, anything from sawdust to grasses.  It must be fibrous biomass material and the best to use would be softwood and hardwood as these will help you create the most high quality wood pellets.

 One of the most important things to remember when making wood pellets at home is that the moisture content of your supplies really matters.  If the moisture content is not within the desirable range which is between 10-20%, the wood is going to be too dry or too wet and the pellets will not turn out.  In some cases a binding agent is necessary.  If the materials you are using do not have a binding material in them then you will need to add one yourself and you can purchase binding compounds at any hardware store for next to nothing.

 You may need to resize your supplies before putting them into the machine.  The machine will basically take care of all the hard work and in no time at all you can start producing mass quantities of these wood pellets.  A lot of people do not take on the task of making their own wood pellets because it is obviously harder than just picking up a few pieces of wood but when you think of the long term benefits that is what really matters.  A small bundle of wood pellets can last longer than piles of firewood and is also going to save you money and be less polluting on the environment.


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