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The Process of Making Batik Madura

Updated on March 7, 2013

Arts Craft of Batik Madura

Batik Madura
Batik Madura | Source

Review The Making of Batik Madura

How to make batik from the past until now has not changed much. Similarly, the process of making batik madura. Change is increasingly diverse and types of batik fabric for batik. The variety of materials for the manufacture of batik and batik diversity to increase interest in batik.

The following article will review the making of batik Madura. Original batik or batik tulis is techniques require a long process. This is different from the process of making batik printing is directly printed by the printer to produce the motifs and colors as you wish. The process of making batik is almost similar to batik. The difference batik using a stamp of metal filled with wax as a material to form a motif, while batik pattern making is done by hand using a tool called canthing.

As a work of art, batik be proud of high value compared batik and batik printing. Art of batik has been known throughout the world, especially batik Indonesia has a unique characteristic.

Batik is not only as works of art that have a high value but also has become a profitable business. Currently batik business is very widespread, including in many emerging internet batik shop online. Batik business has grown into a business opportunity that can generate real sectors of Indonesian society

To produce batik fabric and great color process takes some time. That is, how to make batik is very complicated and takes a relatively long time. Starting from the process of creating motifs on the cloth, batik, dyeing or coloring, and pelorotan or washing was repeated 3 to 5 times the process. The process of making batik will affect the price of a batik cloth. Various models of batik clothes are diverse not only preferred but young parents love it too.

The following review will outline the process of making Batik Madura sequentially.

Before the cloth was drawn, first washed using Camplong oil that is mixed with soda (in the form of powder that serve to strengthen the color of batik). This stage is called diketel which aims to strengthen the color after painted that are not easily fade.

1. Washing 1 (Pelorotan)

Cloth that has been washed with a mixture of camplong oil and soda, dipped in hot water. Washed and dried in the sun for a few minutes. It aims to be the remnants of oil that exist in cloth/fabric to clean.

2. Drawing motifs on fabrics

Making motif on fabric to do after the third step above is done. Furthermore, given the pattern of the fabric using a pencil drawing fit the desired motif. Various kinds of motives among the flora and fauna motifs of flowers, butterflies, birds, fish fins, wood pattern and others.

3. Core measures, namely batik fabrics

Fabric was given a motive then painted using canthing contains wax heated. To make batik cloth simply follow existing image on the cloth.

4. Dyeing or staining.

The cloth is then dipped or soaked dibatik into the desired dye for 20 minutes.

5. Washing 2

Washing process (pelorotan) or the same as the first step, which is washed use hot water so that the remains of color and prophecy or cleaner wax.

6. Drying

The drying process carried out in a cool place that is not in direct contact with the sun to color the fabric nice and more strongly attached.

You know, how to make batik takes a long time. Batik has gained recognition from UNESCO as a cultural heritage of Indonesia. On October 2, 2009, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has declared this date as “National Batik Day”.

History of Madura Batiks

Madura batik history has existed since the time of the kingdom. Madura batik fabrics ranging widely known in the 16th century and 17. It started when there was fighting between Raden Azhar Pamekasan Madura (Kiai Penghulu Bagandan) against Ke ‘vanished. Raden Azhar is a spiritual adviser to Duke Pamekasan cleric named Raden Ismail (Duke Arya dictatorial IV). While Ke ‘is a son of Madurese descent vanished Cakraningrat I with wife concubine.

In battle, Raden Azhar wearing oversized clothes or batik parang Madurese language called leres motif batik fabric that is transverse symmetrical. When wearing batik parang motif, Raden Azhar has charisma, dashing tanpak authoritative. Since then, batik became the talk among the people of Madura, particularly the princes of the Pamekasan.

In Jogjakarta and Solo batik parang motif is the greatness of the king’s clothes. That said, ordinary wear abstinence. That was then, now so-so home when not in use to meet the king. For example, for the invitation or attend meetings. Important figures were introduced into Madura batik cloth is Duke Sumenep, Arya Wiraraja a close ally of Raden Wijaya, the founder of the kingdom of Majapahit.

The similarity Madura batik motifs and Jogjakarta because blood relationship between the king of Mataram with the authorities in Madura. Bangkalan royal kings in the days I was a subordinate Cakraningrat Sultanate led by Sultan Agung of Mataram.

Madura batiks course of history now be said to have reached its former glory, especially with the launching of the National Batik Day on 2 October by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Batik makers in centers experienced excitement Madura batik batik. As the center of batik Cape Earth in Bangkalan, Banyumas batik centers Klampar, Pamekasan and Sumenep Pakandangan batik centers. Pamekasan regency even establish village districts Proppo as Klampar Banyumas batik village. Not only that, the biggest batik market in the world (in terms of number of traders batik) has also been opened.

Now, batik Indonesia is well known abroad. Batik clothing has been used in a variety of events, both formal and casual events. If you like batik madura, I’m sure interested in visiting this site: Batik Madura.


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