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The RoboDog with WindowPane Eyes

Updated on October 6, 2010
RoboDog with WindowPane Eyes
RoboDog with WindowPane Eyes | Source

“Come see the world through my WindowPane eyes!” says Sparky the RoboDog.

“Floors of conductive copper tile the house, allowing me to continually draw restorative power as a trundle round about. My master’s commands reach me via my cute coiled spring antenna of a tail (which tingles!). This glistening pill-shaped nose you see is coated with receptor gel that attracts and traps individual scent molecules for analysis and identification; it’s capable of discerning 21,750 different scents!”

“I never need to eat, but my slotted mouth allows for the occasional canine upgrade through insertion of a next-generation motherboard. My draped-dot hide pattern has been carefully calibrated to embody a maximum cuteness factor — and thereby significant owner endearment and gushy affection.”

“But the eyes have it! Through these windowpane lattices I perpetually see and observe and scrutinize and psychoanalyze you, and am thus always optimally prepared to draw you inexorably into an ineffable petly bond! Come closer, human!”    


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