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The Story Behind the Yankee Candle

Updated on August 19, 2014

Scented candles from Yankee Candle

The story of the first Yankee Candle light, and how a broke 17-year old's desire to create something nice for his mother for Christmas, was an idea with that would blossom into millions and provide homes with a new dimension in the world of wonderful scents.

The first Yankee Candle light was made in Massachusetts, in the United States just before Christmas in 1969. 17 year old Michael Kittredge was broke, but wanted to find a nice Christmas present for his mother.

He pondered how he would achieve this, and suddenly an idea came to him.

He found the crayons he had used as a small boy, and melted them in a pot on the stove in the kitchen. He found a candle in the living room, crushed and melted candle wax it with crayons.

Then he poured the liquid mixture into an empty milk carton, and used the wick from the candle he had "borrowed".

A neighbor saw the beautiful light he had made, and persuaded Michael to sell it to her. He used the profits to buy real wax, enough to create a new light for his mother, and to create another light he could sell. Revenues from this sale went to even more wax, and so the story of the Yankee candle was begun.

In 1973, his Yankee candle hobby turned into a single entity, and the basement and the garage at home with his family were full of wax blocks and finished candles.

His parents pressured him to find a more suitable production facility, so he moved into an old paper mill. Here he cast his candles in the mornings, and went around to stores to sell the lights in the afternoons.

The company grew slowly but surely, and in 1982 Michael had over 30 employees. The old mill was getting too small, so in August 1983 they moved to a vast storefront in South Deerfield, Massachusetts. Three months later Yankee candles opened the new store, and already the first day was a parking lot crowded with customers.

Since then, the Yankee Candle has become the U.S. `s most famous scented candle.

They offer over 150 different scents, and are known as the scented candles that have the most realistic scents that are on the market.  Scented candles come in glass jars in different sizesof scented wax that can melt in the incense burner and standard candles in many sizes and shapes. Yankee Candle makes other fragrance products, scent bags and air fresheners for cars as well.

The story of a candle that burned it's way to the top of the list--theYankee Candle.


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