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T Shirt Printing That Provides T Shirts That Can Keep You Dry

Updated on June 27, 2011

Keep It Cool

T Shirt Printing Is Not Just About Printing

In the t shirt printing world, a t shirt that keeps the skin dry is the stuff of science fiction. Or not. It sounds so futuristic, doesn’t it? Manufacturers of t shirts and other clothing already use a new microfiber technology called wicking, which can absorb moisture.

Microfiber t shirts are very popular, especially in the realm of sports. The big brands call them Dri Fit, Clima Cool, Cool Fit, and other variations of the effect microfiber had on the wearer. The fiber absorbs moisture through capillary action from its wearer’s skin and keep the person protected from sweat and body odor.

The way the fiber was knitted and the type of yarn are the secrets that differentiate microfiber shirts from ordinary t shirts. The knitting process, therefore, requires high technology equipment. All these contribute to the expensiveness of microfiber t shirts.

There are three types of microfiber: the common microfiber, the dual layer microfiber, and the permanent wicking microfiber

Be Aware Of What Your Shirts Are Made Of

The Common Microfiber In T Shirt Printing

The common microfiber does not have any wicking properties because it is 100% polyester. Unlike pure organic cotton, the common microfiber is just plastic, which can make you feel hot and sticky. Sweat is not absorbed and it cannot help circulate air on your skin to cool you down.

Because the common microfiber cannot absorb the sweat, it forms a glue-like layer between the skin and the fabric. As a result, the t shirt clings to the skin, which makes it even more uncomfortable for the wearer.

T shirt manufacturers are aware of this limitation in the common microfiber. As a solution, they add chemicals to the fabric to make it absorbent. This process is called “chemical wicking.”

However, this is only good after five or six washes when the chemical has been washed off. Along with the chemical, the fabric’s wicking properties, such as absorbing moisture, are also gone.

Will You Choose Comfort?

The Dual Layer Microfiber In T Shirt Printing

The dual layer microfiber is of a better quality than the common microfiber. The top layer is made of 100% polyester, but the lower layer, which is nearer to the skin, is made of cotton.

This dual layer gives the wearer the best of both worlds. Cotton, the fiber with the best wicking properties, absorbs moisture from the skin, while the polyester outside gives the t shirt that shiny appearance.

A good quality dual layer microfiber is knitted in a way that air passes through the fabric easily. This helps with the evaporation of excess moisture from both the cotton and the skin.

What Is Really Behind Your Shirts

The Permanent Wicking Microfiber In T Shirt Printing

The permanent wicking microfiber is the best of the three types. The fabric has excellent wicking properties; it has been manufactured using skillfully knitted patterns.

The different types of patterns can help air circulation and wicking. Sometimes, manufacturers add a little spandex or Lycra to allow stretching of the fabric. This addition, however, makes the t shirt more expensive.

Not every manufacturer can produce t shirts with permanent wicking microfibers. It takes the right equipment, the right materials, and people with the right skills to produce these shirts.

Using microfiber fabric in t shirt printing makes it easier for screen printers to handle ink bleeding and printing errors. The ink will not clog the knitting, and air will still pass through the fabric. Microfiber t shirts are easy to wash after the t shirt printing is done.


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