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The Church Film Production:Crew Positions

Updated on March 15, 2016

Production Roles I Have Had

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Directing my talentOn SoundClapboard OperatorLearning the ropes
Directing my talent
Directing my talent
On Sound
On Sound
Clapboard Operator
Clapboard Operator
Learning the ropes
Learning the ropes

Theatrical Production

A theatrical production can be many things. For our purposes it is going to mean a cinematic production used to tell a story. The production may be a filmed Christmas or Easter play. It may also be any other creative stories that your pastor wants to tell. Visual stories are powerful. Jesus used parables and story to teach about the Kingdom of God. He often taught the masses truth about God and His Kingdom by means of a story. Today cinematic storytelling can be a wonderful means to preach the message of Jesus. God has granted us the time and tools in which we live. In doing so we should use the top tools to share the greatest story ever told. To use the top production tools you will need the right and best people to use them and get the most out of them. Who will you need to hire and why?

The Crew

The Producer: The production crew starts with a producer. They have a different role in all mediums of the arts. In film production a producer is in charge of the, budget, choice of staff,script acceptance, scheduling and general business end. In the churches case unless they hire a producer the final say so probably belongs with the Pastor. The Associate Producer is the right arm of the producer. They follow through and help complete jobs that the producer assigns.

The Writer: They may be the most important job, because without a script there is no production. The creative shakers and movers need a vision to run with. It may be the case that a producer or director may have a story in mind and they need to hire a script writer.

The Director: Their job in film is to be the real visionary behind the the script, action, camera placements and more. They are the creative head of the production. In church production the Producer and Director may need to be the same person. They run the talent through lines, movements, blocking and help them to bring the most out of their talent. I have been the director for a series of short films that I did for my church years ago. Since then I have directed a couple of documentaries and some testimony videos. That's a whole different ball game.

There may also be a 1 or 2 AD's or Assistant Directors: Like an assistant producer they are the right arm of the director. They organize locations, run pre rehearsal, review storyboards, and make sure the director is not interrupted.

PA, Production Assistant: I've also enjoyed the role of PA. The PA is a gofer "Go fer" this and that. They make copies, get coffee, help organize the set, take notes, etc. Basically whatever the producer or director needs done.

A Film Set

A Video About the Production Crew

More Crew

Makeup Artist: have the job of designing, preparing and applying makeup for talent. This may be as basic as a basic coating or as extensive as to transform a person into a monster or some creature.

Lighting Director: designs and arranges the lighting. He or she is the creative force behind what the lighting looks like and how it is set yup. There are many hands, most of which are Grips of various kinds under his direction. Grips do the grunt work on the production.

The Videographer or cinematographer: sets up the camera and operates it to the preference of the director. The Camera Assist may help set up the camera and helps make the operation of the camera smooth. This is done by holding cords and keeping them from getting tangled. They make sure that people aren't walking in front of the camera operator and various other small task that make a big difference.

The Audio Mixer: their job is to make sure the sound is balanced, smooth and clean. They mic up the talent. They determine the number of mic's and how they need to be used. The Boom Operator is there to asset the Audio Operator and hold the boom pole. The shotgun mic on the boom pole needs to shift ever so slightly yet quickly to pick up the lines of the talent. The mic can not hang between cast it has to be angled to pick up the lines.

There are many more roles that can be mentioned but this is the rough crew that will be needed on any film production. For your church production these are the crew members that will take your vision off the ground.

Red Crown Studios
Red Crown Studios


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