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The Underwater Photography of Zena Holloway

Updated on April 1, 2011

Short Biography

 Zena Holloway is a London photographer, well known and respected for her inspiring and beautiful underwater pictures. She has numerous clients, including Nike, Jacuzzi, Herbal Essences, Sony, Epson, Umbro, and National Geographic. She has a deep passion and understanding of her work, and it definitely shows in her images. Feel free to take a part in her underwater world, and experience the "depths" of her art. Enjoy!

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      Salsa 3 years ago

      Hi Phil just finished reaidng your Thanksgiving post and the info about Shelia. If you remember I too deal with bipolar disease. I will always remember you and Shelia helping me through a rough time during a play practice many years ago. I have been fortunate to be able to recognize and deal with the depressive cycles as my case is not as severe as others. Medication changes have not occurred very often. The body seems to adjust to the medication therefore needing a change.Becky and I have been fortunate to travel some since retirement in our motor home. We have enjoyed the Western USA and desire to continue as long as able. Would love to visit with you and Shelia sometime.